EuroMillions: He wins the grand prize and is back at Lidl undercover

EuroMillions: He wins the grand prize and is back at Lidl undercover

One EuroMillions winner is back with Lidl after winning the grand prize. He returned to service after a call for essential workers launched by the British government. Explanation.

Winning games to get back to work? It’s a surprising choice for a 56-year-old man from Wales. The story was reported by our colleagues from Mirror. Steve was a truck driver for the Lidl group in the country.

The nation’s call

In 2019, he and his girlfriend won the EuroMillions Jackpot. “We were so lucky, it’s such a great feeling that you no longer have concerns about money,” he recalls. After this gift of opportunity, the couple decides to take a well-deserved vacation. direction of the Maldives. The two lovebirds also take the opportunity to trade in their old Fiat Multipla for a new RangeRover.

But in 2020, the coronavirus called itself into the world. After strict lockdowns and an increase in novel coronavirus cases, there is a shortage of essential workers in the country. A real labor shortage is crippling part of the territory. To deal with this situation, the British government requires frontline workers to reach the front and come to work.

Taste of work

“I was a truck driver before I won the lottery and I got a letter asking me to go back there. (…) Many people with a heavy goods vehicle license received the same letter from the government, but a few were lottery millionaires,” Steve joked.

Glad he was able to help his country, he didn’t hesitate and went back to work as a Lidl driver. He explains to our colleagues that he drew inspiration from his wife, Leslie, who never stopped working. A freelance health and social services coach, she simply switched to four days a week.

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Today, the couple continues to play the lottery regularly. If they win, Steve Wellesley will donate the money to charity.

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