Ukraine and Taiwan ... The Greens accuse Melenchon of "adopting the dialectic of tyrants"

Ukraine and Taiwan … The Greens accuse Melenchon of “adopting the dialectic of tyrants”

Several environmental executives are criticizing the president of France Insoumise for using the term “provocation” to qualify the defense of “democratic countries” against “authoritarian” regimes.

Noobs does not tear itself apart on international issues. After an initial internal friction related to the request for a decision aimed at denouncing the accused,Institutionalization by Israel of the apartheid regime‘, these are now Tensions escalate between Beijing and Taipei Who break the leftist cartel. “Melenchon spoke of a “provocation” when a democratic Ukraine defended itself in the Donbass against authoritarian Russia. And (he) is talking about a “provocation” of Taiwan when this country acts freely against China. A democratic country is necessarily a “provocation” of dictatorship‘, on Friday afternoon attacked the chief environmentalist, Julian Bayou, on Twitter.

because of, The last blog post by the leader of France Insoumise To denounce the Asian tour of the leader of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, accused, according to him, of desireOpen a new front” While he was “There is only one China“For his eyes.”Taiwan is an inalienable part of China”, who still considers it appropriate to add the third man in the last presidential election, which completes a visit to Latin America, which began on July 12, which in turn led him to Mexico, Honduras and finally Colombia.

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“Not in my name,” former EELV chief David Cormand . protested

In the wake of their leader, several environmental executives have also risen to criticize Jean-Luc Melenchon’s exit, and they have been moved by the recognition the Chinese Embassy in France made to him. “This is a thank you I do not wish to receive! Shame on talking about one China and questioning peoples’ right to self-determination. This country imprisons Uyghurs and implements a policy of systematic repression against any oppositionMEP EELV defeated Mounir Satori.

Supporting the one-China policy denies that China is a dictatorial country whose provocations cannot be tolerated. (That) the genocide of the Uyghurs is a realityAnd he is a criminal. (and that) Taiwanese have the right to self-determination and self-determination“As for her, she broke second place in ecology in Europe – The Greens, Leah Ballage of America.”not in my name‘, the former head of the party, David Cormand, finally concluded, according to who”The disparagement of the diversion of having the executioners pass on the shoulders of the victims is the eternal dialectic of dictators and the justification of their barbarism.The accusations that Jean-Luc Mélenchon and the LFI have not yet responded publicly.

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