UCI Champions League, entry list revealed: Italy's Miriam Vessi, Silvia Zanardi and Michele Scartisini

UCI Champions League, entry list revealed: Italy’s Miriam Vessi, Silvia Zanardi and Michele Scartisini

Some of the world’s greatest track racers will be competing like never before starting next week: The UCI Champions League confirms the final roster of entrants ahead of the first round of the inaugural series on November 6. fifty runners Today I announced joining the star-studded list 22 pre-qualified athletes Including Harrie Lavreysen, Jeffrey Hoogland, Katie Archibald, Kirsten Wild, Ed Clancy and Emma Hinze for a series full of international talent. the last 72 runners from 30 nationalitiesThey have claimed ten Olympic gold medals and an astonishing 63 cycling world titles at the UCI track.

Chris Hoy: “The points race? Every position counts”

Forty-eight qualified for this event based on their excellent AI results Tissot UCI Track World Cycling Championship Last week in Roubaix, France. They are also joined by two pre-qualifiers to complete the 72 Driver Puzzle. All athletes will compete for equal cash prize in the innovative new series, set to take the sport to new heights in a short format, high-adrenaline race, broadcast to millions of people.

UCI Champions League

UCI Champions League, all you need to know

10/25/2021 A 11:11

Ladies’ sprint

Among the confirmed names today for the category Women’s sprint There’s Lea Friedrich (Germany) – three gold medal winner at the Tissot UCI Track Cycling Championships in Roubaix, France, Tokyo 2020 bronze medalist Lauriane Genest (Canada) and Daria Shmeleva (Russia) – Olympic medalist, multiple UCI world champion And European champion. They were joined by Sophie Capwell (Great Britain), Yana Tishchenko (Russia), Mina Sato (Japan) and Anastasia Voinova (Russia) – all medalists at the UCI Track World Championships in Roubaix.

Five Stages, Four Cities, One Show: Here’s UCL

Sprint for men

The contestants qualified for Sprint for men Includes: Former European Champion Mateusz Roddick (Poland), bronze medalist at Tokyo 2020 and silver medalist at the UCI World Track Championships in Roubaix-Ryan Hilal (France), as well as two-time world track champion Stefan Boetcher (Germany), also a medalist in Roubaix.

Women’s Stamina: There’s Silvia Zanardi

Among those eligible for the category female endurance There is a European U-23 road champion Silvia Zanardi (Italy), 2021 European Champion and Tokyo 2022 Bronze Medalist Gulnaz Khatuntseva (Russia) and Yumi Kagihara – Omnium Silver Medal in Tokyo 2020 and 2020 UCI Cycling Track Champion.

Men’s Stamina: There’s Michele Scartzini

contestants male endurance Recently qualified include Tuur Dens (Belgium), Luri Leitao (Portugal), Rhys Britton (Great Britain), and Michele Scartisini (Italy) – All medal winners at the UCI Track Worlds in Roubaix.

The UCI Track Champions League will bring together the best talent in a way never seen before, battling over five rounds in four countries. For cyclists, the selection represents a “golden ticket” For the most exciting bike racing series. For millions of fans around the world, this is another step towards an action-packed, technology-driven sports experience, whether watched live in the ring, on innovative and premium TV broadcasts, or online.

Chris Hoy: “The fans will see the best in the world”

The first stop, at the Veldrum Ellis Ballerse, begins in Mallorca, Spain, on the 6th of November.

Francois Ribeiro, President of Discovery Sports Events, He said: “Less than two weeks after starting, the entry roster truly reflects what the UCI Track Champions League was built for: a competition made for the best runners – men and women – in the world. Attracting these high profile runners – including Olympic, World, European and American champions – is Evidence of the efforts Discovery Sports Events have put in behind this new asset since we signed our promoter’s contract with the UCI last January 2020. In Berlin, just before the world shattered.The combination of riders of this caliber and short-form blasting rides will create an exciting spectacle. We are proud to work in collaboration with the UCI to give life to this event and we will be working full speed on the final preparations until the first race on November 6 in Mallorca.”

UCI President David Lappartient said: “After a long wait, the UCI Track Champions League is approaching and I am so excited to see this great shape come true. The Tissot UCI Track Cycling Championship in Roubaix this month was an amazing spectacle, and we now have the best riders from this event lined up for the UCI Track Champions League. They will be joining the riders Pre-qualified to form one of the most high-class cycling venues we’ve seen in recent times.Several UCI Olympic and World Champions on one track at the same time is a guarantee of a stunning show.In cooperation with Discovery Sports Events, we are organizing an unprecedented event that will delight athletes and fans with back-to-back events. during the months of November and December.

Final registration list:

Sprint – gives:

Lorient Genest (Canada)

Leah Friedrich (Germany)

Myriam Weiss (Italy)

Martha Bayona Pineda (Colombia)

Rio Ota (Japan)

Sophie Capwell (Great Britain)

Yana Tishchenko (Russia)

Daria Shmeleva (Russia)

Lauren van Rijen (Netherlands)

Anastasia Voinova (Russia)

Mina Sato (Japan)

Yuli Paula Verdugo Osuna (Mexico)

Emma Haines (Germany)

Mathilde Gros (France)

Simona Krupeckaitė (Lithuania)

Kelsey Mitchell (Canada)

Shann Brasbenincks (Netherlands)

Olina Starikova (Ukraine)

Sprint – Men:

Jan Spy (South Africa)

Mateusz Roddick (Poland)

Gaerjeon In Fa (Suriname)

Tom Derracci (France)

Jordan Castle (New Zealand)

Kevin Quintero Chavaro (Colombia)

Mikhail Yakovlev (Russia)

Kento Yamasaki (Jiabune)

Ryan Helal (Francia)

Stefan Boetcher (Germany)

Jay Angsuthwaite (Thailand)

Hugo Barrett (Canada)

Harry Lafrisen (Netherlands)

Nicholas Paul (Trinidad and Tobago)

Geoffrey Hoagland (Netherlands)

Vasilius Lindel (Lithuania)

Maximilian Levy (Germany)

Denis Dmitriev (Russia)

Endurance – gives:

Maggie Coles Leicester (Canada)

Hanna Tsirach (Belarus)

Tania Calvo (Spain)

Michel Andres (Switzerland)

Albeta Pachekova (Slovakia)

Gulnaz Khatuntseva (Russia)

Emily Kay (Ireland)

Silvia Zanardi (Italy)

Karolina Karacevic (Bologna)

Maria Martins (Portugal)

Olivia Palisit (Lithuania)

Yukine Lararte (Spain)

Yumi Kajihara (Japan)

Kirsten Wilde (Netherlands)

Katie Archibald (Great Britain)

Anita Yvonne Stenberg (Norway)

Annette Edmondson (Australia)

Kendall Ryan (USA)

Stamina – men:

Tour Denis (Belgium)

Reese Britton (UK)

Roy Effing (Netherlands)

Alan Banasczyk (Poland)

Jules Hesters (Belgium)

Gavin Hoover (USA)

Michele Scartisini (Italy)

Kazushige Kuboki (Giappone)

Claudio Imhof (Switzerland)

Aaron Gate (New Zealand)

Yuri Letao (Portugal)

Eric Martorell Haga (Spain)

Ed Clancy (Great Britain)

Sebastian Mora (Spain)

Corbin Strong (New Zealand)

Yassine Chellil (Algeria)

Kelland O’Brien (Australia)

Rotem Teni (Israel)

UCI Champions League

Chris Hoy: “The points race? Every position counts”

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UCI Champions League

Chris Hoy: “The fans will see the best in the world”

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