5 things to know about the new world of Facebook

5 things to know about the new world of Facebook

Is Facebook dead? Obviously not. Like a phoenix that transforms and renames itself Died, an abbreviated term for the concept of “Metavers”. This ancient Greek name refers to “beyond”, and what is beyond reality, virtual reality or even virtual reality? a digital universe : metaverse. like the movie matrix ? Approximately. This project signed by controversial Mark Zuckerberg has an ambition greater than the restoration of Facebook’s image: it wants to be the future of the Internet. do you believe?

What is metaverse?

A hybrid between augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), the metaverse is not limited to the “social network”. On a larger scale, it is an immersive or physically projected 3D space. Inside, we can interact individually or socially by sharing experiences.

In the Meta example, our individual will not be represented by a photo, page, and profile name: the individual will be personified by the avatar he creates for himself, his home, and even larger environments or spaces.

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Meta: How does it work?

The Meta interface will be accessed through technological objects such as smart glasses (smart glasses)o Controllers or headphones (a group of products is called Quest 2). Technologies developed by the company’s branches Oculus, Project Aria pigeon strong.

« We will live the experience on the site instead of looking at it uniquely Mark Zuckerberg explains in his book: Founder’s word On the official website of the platform. On Facebook, we communicated mainly in writing, then via photos and more recently via video. The CEO’s goal is to make the experience more inclusive.

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What can we do on the meta?

Going to concerts, visiting relatives, playing sports, shopping in stores … We can do many activities that we can do in our physical dimension, such as those that we cannot do.

video games or games Inside the Meta, you’ll cross the border: play chess in augmented reality or ping-pong with your friend who lives abroad? Would you go surfing and you haven’t done so in your life? All this will be possible.

Objective: potential, utility, productivity, pedagogy

Meta can also become a professional and training tool through innovative techniques such as Horizon Labs, workplace NS Homepage. No more meetings and lectures in Visio On a flat screen with severed heads: Immerse yourself in a room and watch drawings, maps, or any kind of motion picture.

How about a doctor in Scotland working on a patient in New Zealand? Meta believes it is possible, according to the promotional video he shared on his Instagram account. Students will be able to see miniature models of planets, visit reconstructed cities of ancient civilizations, or think of creating a 3D cell.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: What’s the Difference?

Virtual Reality (VR): A digital space where complete immersion in technologies such as headphones and controllers is complete. The user is isolated from his environment because his field of vision is covered.

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Augmented Reality (AR): Digital content is superimposed on the real world using technologies such as smartphones or augmented reality glasses. Unlike virtual reality, the user interacts with his environment and virtual space at the same time.

Mixed Reality (MR) : Combine the two types of facts above.

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What is the future of Facebook? What is the biggest challenge in the Meta?

Meta will combine all the technologies developed by Silicon Valley: skylight (products from Virtual Reality), Horizon Project Nizari, Project ARIA NS spark (Augmented Reality Technologies) o new (digital wallet). The Meta will also represent all the original apps or apps that the tech giant has acquired: Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp. The CEO of the company announced that more than 10,000 jobs will be created in Europe to develop this exceptional project.

Meta: Inspired by science fiction?

Concept” metaverso He first appeared in 1992 in the science fiction novel Cyberpunk virtual samurai (Snowfall) Written by Neil Stephenson.

Previous Meta skins were mainly inspired by video games, in particular a house (1985), metaverso (1993)active worlds (Inspired by the Romans Virtual samurai and its version in . format 1995), is.com (1998) second life, A 3D game released in 2003, in which users create their own world and can interact, conduct business or play.

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Written by Matthew Ball, Tech Investor A hypothesis In 2020, he commented a lot in the tech sector where he described the characteristics of the metaverse. He writes that this would have the potential to house its own economy in its own right. Moreover, there will be “interoperability”: the ability to move objects that we have in different spaces within this virtual reality.

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Mark Zuckerberg referred to the experience in the official presentation of the platform and stated that in the future the Metaverse will not be operated by any company. In the future, Meta will not be a place limited to one company but « Internet personification “Without restrictions”The Enlightened CEO of Facebook.

One thing is for sure: the Meta Challenge is huge. In a post-pandemic world and after the controversies between Cambridge Analytica and Edward Snowden, social interactions, transparency of democratic elections, access to verified information or even confidentiality of personal data will be important points to watch.

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Originally published on 10/29/2021

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