Ubisoft + on Xbox: The Service May Arrive Early Next Week!  |  Xbox One

Ubisoft + on Xbox: The Service May Arrive Early Next Week! | Xbox One

With the advent of services such as Xbox Game Pass or even different levels of PS PlusPublishers have also started offering their games through subscriptions. If EA has already had its own EA Play service for several years, then in 2020 Ubisoft launched Ubisoft +, an offer that bundles most of its games. Today, many elements indicate that the service could land on Xbox.

Ubisoft + coming soon to Xbox?

Already available on PC as well as in PS Plus Extra and Premium, Ubisoft + could soon arrive on Xbox. According to @MauroNL3, in general, many games from the publisher have the “Free” tag added.

It also mentions an issue until January 16/17.

Ubisoft + on Xbox next week?

As a reminder, Ubisoft
In January 2022, Ubisoft + will be available “Soon on Xbox”. Almost a year later, the service could be officially launched on Microsoft consoles.

As if that wasn’t enough, an XboxUK account has just posted a message teasing an announcement scheduled for January 16th.

We probably won’t have to wait long for confirmation of Ubisoft+ coming to Xbox. Remember, there’s also a good chance Microsoft will be holding an event at the end of January to talk about its games, potentially announcing new things like the arrival of Ubisoft+, or the launch of Xbox Game Pass Family Offer.

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