Android Auto update

Android Auto update

Google’s Android Auto smart car interface gets a fresh look and gains new features.

At CES 2023, Google introduced an overhaul of Android Auto, an interface for connecting an Android smartphone to a compatible car’s infotainment system.. In addition to some additional features, this new version is more comfortable and adapted to the latest developments in on-board multimedia. The most frequently used applications have been significantly improved, such as the navigation screen which now takes place on the part of the screen closest to the driver.

The split screen system is optimized to fit both the popular landscape and portrait screens. The new Quick Launch menu provides faster access to frequently activated programs. A progress bar has been added to audio players to make it easier to jump to a specific point in the recording.

Google, Assistant wants you well

Display is optimized for vertical screens© dr

Google Assistant in Android Auto expands its capabilities. It can now issue missed call reminders, prompt you to share your arrival time, or provide quick access to songs or podcasts. In addition, it becomes possible to make calls in WhatsApp via Android Auto. Currently reserved for some Google Pixel and Samsung smartphones, this functionality is soon to be extended to other manufacturers. The gradual rollout of the new version of Android Auto by means of an update has already begun.

Manufacturers embrace Android

The new version is more readable on screens of different sizes.
The new version is more readable on screens of different sizes.© dr

Google is also making some improvements to Android Automotive, an onboard infotainment system (it doesn’t require a smartphone) that’s attracting more and more manufacturers like Volvo, Renault and Honda. Depending on the vehicle, the Waze app, the HD version of Google Maps, or the Tubi streaming service can be accessed. Google is even announcing an automated version of YouTube soon. There is no doubt that the car is becoming more connected every day.

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