U.S. Rep. George Santos has used his campaign funds for anything and everything

U.S. Rep. George Santos has used his campaign funds for anything and everything

Wade Vandervoort/AFP (FILES) In this file photo taken on Nov. 19, 2022, U.S. Representative-elect George Santos speaks at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s annual leadership meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada. – Santos, a Republican who was elected to Congress in November, faced growing uproar over his resignation on December 27, 2022, after admitting that he had authored large portions of his autobiography – but he refused to give up his seat. Santos’ victory in one of New York’s districts helped his party secure a narrow majority in the House of Representatives, the lower chamber of Congress. (Photo by Wade Vandervoort/AFP)

Wade Vandervoort/AFP

He accused Republican elected official Jorge Santos of lying to his donors and using their proxy for personal gain.

United States – This report is so shocking that it is difficult to believe. However, the US House of Representatives Ethics Committee, published Thursday, November 16, proves in 56 pages how Republican George Santos lied about his life, and embezzled money and funds. ‘It has lost its credibility’ Institute. In light of these revelations, the elected official announced that he will not run for Congress in 2024.

The committee investigated for nine months with George Santos, who presented himself during his election campaign as a graduate of New York University working at the famous Goldman Sachs bank, an owner of multiple properties, and coming from a wealthy family, including his mother, who died after the events of September 11, 2001. Long illness associated with attacks. “None of these items can be verified.”“, say the report’s editors.

This part of the story was already known. After being elected in the November 2022 midterm elections, Jorge Santos admitted just two months later that he had won. “total” His CV after a thorough investigation by The New York Times. The first calls for his resignation were made at that time, when he was not yet in his seat (elected American officials do not arrive in Congress until January). The Queens Republican stuck to his guns, but his problems didn’t end there.

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Hermes, Ferragamo, Airbnb…

After his first lies, Democratic and Republican representatives voted in March to open an investigation by the Ethics Committee. “The results of this investigation reveal the extent of George Santos’ involvement.” “He sought to fraudulently exploit every aspect of his candidacy for personal financial gain.” In addition to lying about his past.

So he asked his donors for money during his election campaign, money he had never used in his political career. Thanks to hundreds of documents, the commission shows that thousands of dollars collected ended up in his personal account and were used to pay off his debts, making purchases from luxury brands Hermès (more than $4,000) and Ferragamo (about $6,000) but also from Sephora. Or shop or pay for parking.

The list goes on. Jorge Santos also used this money to pay for Airbnb rentals, rent, taxis, and hotel expenses in Las Vegas during the period when his team thought he was on his honeymoon, and for Botox injections. Jorge Santos once again illegally used donor funds to pay fees on OnlyFans, a platform through which netizens sell X-rated content.

Following these revelations, a video of the actor during an interview on Fox News on March 30 surfaced on social media. In it, a sympathetic journalist jokes with him and points out his tendency to lie, like Leonardo DiCaprio in the film. Catch me if you can.

Will Jorge Santos soon be expelled from the House of Representatives?

“Is it true that you can peel bananas with your feet and do you have an OnlyFans account?”, The presenter then asks him in the middle of the interview and you can listen to it below (in English). It’s enough to make George Santos hilarious. “I don’t have an account, and I didn’t know the name OnlyFans until three weeks ago when the topic came up in my office. I wasn’t familiar with the concept at all.”He says. “He really can’t tell the truth.”, his interlocutor whispered loudly enough in return. The journalist’s response, which seemed somewhat funny at the time, now has another meaning.

The 35-year-old elected official’s slurs are so numerous that members of his team, questioned by the ethics committee, became so concerned that they advised him to seek treatment. Jorge Santos continues to deny most of the facts. On X (formerly Twitter), contact the report “biased” He denounced “A farce of justice.”

It remains to be seen, even if he no longer intends to run again in 2024, whether he can remain in office until then. After surviving a vote to expel him from the House of Representatives on November 1 — due to the 23 federal indictments charging him with fraud, money laundering, and wire fraud — Republican Michael Guest introduced a new motion to expel him on Friday, November 17. Voting may take place after the Thanksgiving holiday on November 28.

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