The narrowness in Anthony Blinken’s eyes during Joe Biden’s press conference

The narrowness in Anthony Blinken’s eyes during Joe Biden’s press conference

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video – The Foreign Minister was unable to hide his embarrassment, and even his despair, when the American President, at the end of his meeting with his Chinese counterpart, used completely undiplomatic language.

Sitting on Thursday, November 16, in the front row facing Joe Biden, Antony Blinken, head of US diplomacy, suddenly squeezed his right wrist with his left hand and lowered his head slightly, as if alarmed by the possibility of an impending disaster. Or a fatal error.

Behind him, in the press room, a journalist just asked his question: “Mr. President, after he meets ) Today (with the Chinese President), do you still consider Xi Jinping a dictator? It’s a term I used earlier this year.“We can read that in the distress in his eyes, the head of the State Department already knows that the resident of the White House will not back down. “Well, it is“Joe Biden answers clearly, who nevertheless seeks to justify himself: “I mean, he’s a dictator in the sense that he’s a man running a communist country. It is a form of government very different from our own.“.

A painful grimace

The moment Joe Biden said those few words, Antony Blinken failed to hide his embarrassment, even his despair. Suddenly he turned his head, looked down, frowned, and wore a painful grimace. The video, which is already unforgettable, has gone viral. We may never know what was going through his mind at that particular moment, but the impression is that a subordinate has just witnessed a terrible mistake made by his boss, and that he will have to fix it himself. However, the meeting between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping went well, and Beijing even mentioned holding a dialogue.Positive, comprehensive and constructive“But after the US President’s short outing, the People’s Republic denounced the speech.”Very wrong” And “Irresponsible political manipulation“.

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The Democratic president has long been nicknamed “Joe the worker» By his opponents, he is the first to realize that he often says too much of everything that comes to his mind. Antony Blinken doesn’t seem to be used to it. The US President’s words were certainly not diplomatic, but his Secretary of State’s grimace was equally understated.

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