Two passengers were kicked off the plane because of their weight?  Air New Zealand apologizes

Two passengers were kicked off the plane because of their weight? Air New Zealand apologizes

Two women were asked to get off a plane on Friday, March 15, 2024. They claimed they were kicked off the plane because of their size, according to reports. 1 news In an article I spotted Parisian . The passengers had boarded the Napier-Auckland flight, operated by Air New Zealand, New Zealand's main airline.

“You should have reserved four seats.”

According to one woman's testimony, a flight attendant violently lowered the armrest onto her arm while she was looking out the window. “I was in a little bit of shockSays. I walked up to her, and she started yelling at me that the pilot can't take off until all the armrests are down, and she was very aggressive. You spoke so strongly to me. “I couldn't believe what was happening to me.”. “Don't you think you should sit down if the plane is moving?” » Her friend sitting next to her tried. “I can get you both kicked off this trip.”Then the hostess replied.

The plane finally turned around while taxiing, announcing A ” uncomfortable “ For passengers who have been dropped off. “The flight attendant came back and said, 'You had to reserve four seats, and you had to buy two for each one.'“, says one of the women. Then all the passengers were able to get back on the plane except for them. They were told that another flight with enough seats could accommodate them… after two days. The company covered the tickets as well as accommodation and meals. But the two women were finally able to board a plane Another one the same evening.

“Treat all customers with respect and dignity”

In a press release, Air New Zealand confirmed that a customer who requires an extra seat will be returned to the aircraft where possible. but “Highly recommended” Passengers should contact the airline before their flight, “In order to ensure a safe and comfortable trip”.

Air New Zealand apologized to the passengers, saying: “We are committed to treating all customers with respect and dignity.” Some airlines encourage larger customers to pay for an additional seat. But this is not the case in New Zealand, where airlines decide for themselves how to act.

“Humiliated” by the airline

If Air New Zealand did not explicitly state that it had expelled the two passengers because of their weight, the main parties involved claim that they were victims of discrimination. They condemn unacceptable behaviour. They claim they were “humiliation” And “Shocked” With this episode. They demanded compensation for the damage they suffered.

In 2023, for several months, Air New Zealand surveyed its customers by offering some of them to weigh themselves before boarding the plane. The study, commissioned by New Zealand's civil aviation authorities, focused only on passengers voluntarily departing from Auckland.

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