SailGP: In New Zealand, the Blues want to avoid a top-four finish

SailGP: In New Zealand, the Blues want to avoid a top-four finish

In fourth place in Sydney in February, fourth in Abu Dhabi in January, and fourth again in Dubai in December, the French failed to reach the podium. Who has a knack of annoying the Blues a little, who are showing great consistency. This ability to remain in the leading group allowed them to move on from it Seventh to fifth in the general classification, the goal is still to finish in the top three in San Francisco.

For Kevin Pipponette, designer of the French F50's wing, the challenge always remains the same:

“To make up for our late start to the season without putting too much pressure on ourselves, by focusing on the start. “We know there are still five events left to try to grab the top three. We should not lose our position either but it is very much possible.”

Note the change of helmsman on board the F50 Suisse, Sebastian Schneiter makes way for Nathan Outridge at the end of the season: Schneiter is preparing for the Olympic Games in Marseille.

the program

Friday, March 22: Three training rounds, from 1:30 a.m. to 3 a.m. (Paris time)

Saturday 23 March: Three fleet races, from 3am to 4:30am (Paris time)

Sunday 24 March: Two fleet races and a three-boat final, from 3 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. (Paris time)

France SailGP team crew

Quentin Delapierre: Pilot

Manon Odinette: Tactics

Kevin Pipponette: Wing trimmer

Jason Saunders: Flight controller

Olivier Herledan: Mill

Matthieu Van Damme: Windmill

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Timothy LaBaugh: Mill

Ranking (after 8 events)

1- Australia (Tom Slingsby) 66 points

2- New Zealand (Peter Burling) 58 points

3- Denmark (Nikolaj Sehsted) 52 points

4- Spain (Diego Botin) 48 points

5- France (Quentin Delapierre) 45 points

6- Great Britain (Giles Scott) 45 points

7- United States (Taylor Canfield) 45 points

8- Canada (Phil Robertson) 38 points

9- Germany (Eric Hill) 21 points

10- Switzerland (Nathan Outridge) 17 points

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