Two months now X, but when and where remain taboo.  New Zealand is not moving - OA Sport

Two months now X, but when and where remain taboo. New Zealand is not moving – OA Sport

America’s Cup has stopped When exactly two months remain before the fateful date. In fact, by September 17, Team New Zealand will have to call where and when the next edition will take place One of the oldest sports competition in the world. The owners of Old Pitcher have been making Melina in the past four months (it’s been a lot since the victory over Luna Rossa in Oakland Bay) and at the moment there is no certainty about the future of the event, but only several question marks and the scenario decidedly murky. toNo important news in sight and no interesting developments in the past two weeks, as far as it is clear and known to most people.

Francesco Bruni, commander of the Luna Rossa command, raised the water In an interview with OA Sport, he declared that he did not understand the position of the New Zealanders and urged them to make a move. Assurances that have had some success on the other side of the world on a media level, but they certainly haven’t moved the assembly led by CEO Grant Dalton by a millimeter: utter silence and mighty bowls. The New Zealand team had rejected about 60 million euros Offered by the local government to keep the America’s Cup in the Hauraki Bay and is evaluating Various options abroad, but there will be many proposals on the table At its core there is uncertainty. By the way it is anyway Long live the possibility of staying in New Zealand, right Patrizio Bertelli, owner of Luna Rossa, is sure they won’t eventually travel abroad and that they will be racing in Auckland in 2024.

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And what sites abroad? There was a lot of talk aboutIsle of Wight (where the first version was shown in 1851), also because the British option is very welcome in Ineos Uk, Challenger of Record. Cork (Ireland) I came out in an authoritarian way, Valencia, Spain) Welcome, but the mayor talked about the debts we ran out of two campaigns in the 2000s, like petrodollars in Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates And the ways that lead to it China and Singapore. But if you take Checco’s verb, you don’t move… This impasse is detrimental to the event and complicates the work of all title contenders, because it hinders the work and design of the campaign. Ah, are you dating them? This topic hasn’t been covered enough before, but at this point it looks like we’re headed towards 2023 or 2024.

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