Toyota #7 leads the 6-hour Monza race in the middle of the road

Toyota #7 leads the 6-hour Monza race in the middle of the road

Toyota against the Alps, with Glickenhaus as referee. This is the scenario for the second part of 6 Hours of Monza on Sunday. Conway – Kobayashi – Lopez’s No. 7 GR010 Hybrid, who started from pole, is still on top after three hours of racing on the Italian circuit. With the same number of stops (3) as its competitors, and in particular after the safety car exited on lap 71 after the class-leading GTE AM, the #33 Aston Martin, which was punctured in the front left and left debris on the track, Toyota was two dozen ahead A few seconds off No. 36 and then driven by Mathieu Vaxevere. As for the #709 American hypercar, it managed to stay in the Alps’ heels, just two seconds away.

On the other hand, it was less luck for the 708, which bogged down due to various mechanical issues and clocked nearly 15 laps. The same tough race of Toyota’s #8 from the Buemi-Nakajima-Hartley trio, also clocked 15 laps, which had many problems with the steering, brakes and its fuel pump. The New Zealander was afraid of the first Chicane…

In LMP2, #22 (United Autosports) was just ten seconds ahead of #29 (Racing Team Nederland) led by Paul-Loup Chatin. In the GTE Pro class, it was still very close between the Porsches and the Ferraris, but the 92 911 was very narrowly ahead. Finally, the #56 Porsche 911 (Team Project 1) took over the GTE Am.

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