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– Posted on October 13, 2021

This is it

Modernity in the world of Olympic and Paralympic games. The Visa Award, launched by the US company that is a member of the International Olympic Committee’s TOP program, is being awarded for the first time this year. Celebrate “Highlights of the Olympic and Paralympic Games outside the competition area, moments that testify to the qualities of friendship, inclusion, acceptance and courageA moment is chosen by the public, by online voting, for each of the two events. With the key, a check for $50,000. But the surprise is that the winner does not get the amount paid by Visa. He must designate a charitable organization that benefits on his behalf. The panel revealed The International Olympic Committee on Tuesday, October 12 announced the first promotion for this new award. For the Tokyo Olympics, 13-year-old Brazilian figure skater Raisa Leal was chosen by fans, “Because of the sportsmanship she showed towards her opponents in Tokyo. The young player chose to donate her $50,000 prize to the Brazilian organization social skating, Very active with young people in the Calmon Viana district, in the city of Boa in São Paulo. For the Paralympic Games, the winner is New Zealand javelin thrower Holly Robinson, titled at the Tokyo Games in the F46 class. She won the voters.To generously thank the contest officials and include them in the winner’s ceremony.Holly Robinson chose a mission Ronald MacDonald House South Island, IN New Zealand aims to create, create and support programs that directly improve the health and well-being of children and their families. The Visa award will return for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing 2022.

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