22-year-old anti-health traffic hacker has been charged

22-year-old anti-health traffic hacker has been charged

The investigation into APHP’s massive data theft has seen significant progress this week. The Anti-Cybercrime Squad of the Paris Judicial Police arrested a 22-year-old man on Wednesday suspected of being the hacker behind the data leak of 1.4 million people who passed the Covid.19 tests in the summer of 2020.

He lives in Olliol, in Var, where he studies and lives with his mother, the individual admitted the facts while in police custody. He justified his gesture by opposing the health pass A willingness to demonstrate the vulnerability and vulnerability of the APHP computer system. In early September, he claimed responsibility for the theft on his Twitter account and shared a link on the forum JeuxVideos.com Resulting in a database hosted at a forum in New Zealand. A source close to the investigation cited by him explained: “He denied knowing that the data obtained contained personal information, and he did not intend to resell it or enrich himself. His approach is strict.”France Press agency.

The suspect has been referred and In the Exam Friday, October 8 due to “fraudulent access and maintenance in a state-implemented automated personal data processing system, data extraction from a state-implemented automated personal data processing system, collection of personal data by fraudulent, unfair or illegal means, voluntary and unlawful disclosure of Personal data “. He was placed under judicial supervision in accordance with the requirements of the prosecution.

Several members of the government in the file

In mid-September, APHP disclosed that health data had been stolen from 1.4 million people who took a COVID test in the summer of 2020. A secure service used on the sidelines of the national file for screening tests was hacked a few days ago. Putting patient information at risk, including dignitaries and government officials. Including stolen data Identity, contact information, test results and social security number. The file was available for five days on the New Zealand download platform before it was deleted by ANSSI. It is not yet known if the data was downloaded during this time.

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More than 800 complaints have been registered so far by BL2C. Online complaint form Available to victims. The Ministry of Health and the APHP have already submitted a complaint to the Paris Public Prosecutor and CNIL has opened an investigation.

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