Two games featured this week and a nice surprise on the roster

Two games featured this week and a nice surprise on the roster

Weekly, The Epic Games Store more or less delights its users by offering them one or more games, or even additional content. The gifts will continue into 2022, which is enough to keep Epic account holders. This Steam competitor will take advantage of the new week of gifts to present two new games as well as a nice surprise.

2 free games and a set

Like any self-respecting good week, Epic account owners will be able to head over to the Epic Games Store homepage to retrieve the latest news. On the list: two free games plus a surprise, in the form of a set of in-game content. Thus, starting from March 3, 2022, at 5 PM, and until March 10, 2022, 5 PM, any Internet user with an account on the Epic Games Store can get their hands on the games. Black Widow: RechargedAnd the Centipede: Recharged Plus the Epic Slayer Kit for brave. For a week, these two games, along with this set of things, can be obtained for free.

Black Widow: Recharged

It was released in 1982 in Arcade Stations, Black Widow I got a makeover last year. With Black Widow: RechargedAnd the Rediscover “classic gameplay with smooth control and graphics adapted to modern computers and consoles”. Extras abound: In addition to dozens of rewards, money collected from looted enemies can now be used to load a massive web dump to get you out of tricky situations, a series of 30 challenges are available as well as arcade and single challenge modes that will allow you to reach the ‘top of the global leaderboard’ “. In a local collaboration or online, enjoy this classic music on an original soundtrack composed by Megan McDuffee.

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Black Widow: Recharged Available from March 3rd, 5pm, until March 10th, 5pm, right here.

Centipede: Recharged

Get out of the black widow, and make room for his older brother, ie centipede. Play as a dwarf in this stationary shooting game where you have to protect your garden from insects. Collect as many points as possible to improve your armament and techniques from now on. at Centipede: RechargedThe formula remains the same, but the plastic changes. Old meets new in this title that features a series of 30 challenges, arcade modes, single challenge and local or online co-op mode. Once again, the soundtrack is signed by Megan McDuffee.

Centipede: Recharged Available from March 3rd, 5pm, until March 10th, 5pm, right here.

Epic Slayer Kit for Dauntless

After a beta release in 2018, brave It was officially released in 2019. Free action RPG game monster hunter Which will send you to slay different and varied monsters alone or with others. Harvest their resources to craft their associated weapons and armor. And to give you a boost, here’s the epic Slayer toolkit that lets you access “3 days of VIP club and coins to speed up your progress“. Good way to start an adventure in brave Or simply enhance the existing item.

killer epic kit brave Available from March 3rd, 5pm, until March 10th, 5pm, right here.

Attention, think of two-factor authentication

A quick reminder for those who may need it: You may have issues getting the game from the Epic Games Store. In this case, don’t worry: all you have to do is look at the double definition side. See the procedure to follow, step by step:

  • Log in to your account On the Epic Games Store website And go to Settings
  • Click on the “Password and Security” tab.
  • Enable two-factor authentication
  • Choose between authentication, email or SMS authentication as per your preference
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For the next free game from the Epic Games Store, we’ll have to wait until 5 PM to find out who it is.

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