10 most anticipated updates

iOS 15.4 will be one of the biggest iPhone updates in recent months. The operating system is still in beta, but several features have already shown their way. We have selected for you 10 of them that are worth a detour.

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iPhone users are off to a hard start to launchiOS 15. For several weeks, the operating system was riddled with bugs, which made its installation risky, both for the security and stability of the smartphone. Fortunately, Cupertino has doubled down on patches and the operating system is now fully functional.

So, it’s time for Apple to release its first major update in several months. iOS 15.4 is already packed with attractive features, which are currently in beta, and open since January 27. For you, we have selected 10 of them, which we consider the most important and interesting. brief overview.

Face ID unlocks iPhone even with mask on

Since iOS 14.5, it is possibleUse Face ID even when wearing a face mask. However, for now, you still need an Apple Watch for this to work. With iOS 15.4, Apple will unlock the feature for all iPhone users. To do this, Face ID will scan the exposed part of the face, with a special focus on the eye area. Note that the company specifies that this method remains less accurate and secure than full face analysis.

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It will be easier to check text in notes and reminders

Notes has been one of the apps that fell victim to multiple flaws in iOS 15, ever sinceIt was possible for a while to access it without unlocking the iPhone. Now that the vulnerability has been fixed, Apple can improve its app. With iOS 15.4, you no longer need many clicks to scan and add text to Notes. It is enough to open the camera and choose the option ” check text It will also be possible to add text in reminders.

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Apple launches Tap to Pay for merchants

At the beginning of February, Apple has formalized the launch of Tap To Pay in the US. With this feature, merchants will be able toturn their iPhone into a real payment terminal, Since the smartphone will be able to receive payments from a credit card, Apple Pay or even Apple cards. To do this, the Cupertino company relies on NFC technology, which means that it will also be possible to pay using Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

Tap Apple to pay
Credits: Apple

New widget for Apple Maps

Speaking of Apple Maps, the app will be equipped withnew tool on iOS 15.4. Thus it will be possible to quickly access all credit, loyalty or transfer cards from its home screen or today’s view page.

iCloud Keychain integrates note-taking

Many users are now using the built-in password manager in iOS 15.4. The problem is, this only provides saving identifiers, while other third-party apps like LastPass or Dashlane allow Add notes on the relevant site. Finally, Apple will also leave this possibility in iCloud Keychain with the 15.4 update.

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iOS 15.4 improves compatibility with Dualsense controller

Apple continues to improve the features that appeared with iOS 14.5, the next update will be improved as well Sony Dualsense controller support. A piece of code spotted by developers will actually make it possible to take full advantage of the PS5 controller’s functionality, in particular by adding haptic feedbackIn games in Remote Play.

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double grip
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You can easily change the domain name of your email address

For now, you still have to go to icloud.com to change the domain name of your Apple email address. But this will change with iOS 15.4, as this can be done directly in the iCloud settings. Thus, all you have to do is tap on your Apple ID from Settings, then go to iCloud > iCloud Mail > Custom email domain.

Better management of App Store notifications

It’s not always easy to find your way through the crowd of notifications from our smartphones. So we often deactivate alerts for specific apps, and the App Store is one of those alerts. In iOS 15.4, it will be possible to deactivate at will Notifications regarding updates, recommendations and promotions . So far, it is not possible to choose, users are forced to turn off everything at once.

37 New Emojis Coming to iPhone

The last big wave of emojis on the iPhone dates back to iOS 14.5 (again), so it’s time to update the library. In fact, the new emojis have been around since before iOS 15 was published. So Apple has been waiting for iOS 15.4 to introduce it to its users. In total, this is 37 new characters that will appear on the iPhone keyboard.

iOS 15.4 new emojis
Credits: Justin Meyers/Gadget Hacks

Install updates with mobile data

Traditionally, manufacturers do not allow users to download the latest updates without a WiFi connection to reduce mobile data consumption. However, iOS 15.4 beta shows an optionUse mobile data to downloadin the download tab for updates. Additionally, on its website, Apple encourages users to use WiFi to install updates, which means mobile data is another viable option.

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