Didier Colart, créateur enthousiaste du projet.

Two Carolos Companies Organize International Big Bang Day

Project managers are careful to remember that the main international theory comes from here. And even more so, they wanted to put her in the spotlight. This is where the idea of ​​the World Big Bang Day was born. This day will be an opportunity to remember this discovery every year and explain it in a simplified way to all kinds of audiences. The first edition of this World Day will take place in one year until March 28, 2023.

For Charlerooms and Dicogames, who run the project, creativity knows no bounds to prepare activities for the next few years. Those who specialize in board games, escape games, and life-size games with reps already have the 2023 program in mind. On the menu, create a board game, an outdoor escape game for students in the future campus. In the evening, various conferences and promotional meetings were held with personalities from the world of STEAMS (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics).

The International Day of the Big Bang convinced Carolo Thomas Dermin. The Secretary of State for Recovery and Science Policy supported the project, emphasizing the positive momentum of the city of Hénuère and the image of science in Belgium.

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