The space of contention - Radio Nova

The space of contention – Radio Nova

The space for future aid to the poor sows discord in the Saint Fargo district of Paris.

It is a controversial structure in the 20th arrondissement of Paris: a new Integrative Solidarity Space (ESI) is about to open its doors in the Saint-Fargeau district. This place of refuge, which is intended to receive and reintegrate people in a very serious condition, is facing opposition from the residents of the area. Thus we can see banners on the balconies with anti-project slogans such as “No to the sacking of San Fargo.” Locals fear “the insecurity that the Economic Stability Index, due to open next September, might bring. Marie Guedicelli, who already heads two ESIs and is the future director of buildings, talks to us about what these spaces bring to the daily lives of the poor.”

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