Two 17-year-old founders ensure the competition

Two 17-year-old founders ensure the competition

In the eleventh season premiere of “The Lion’s Den,” the younger founding couple who appeared on the show set the tone for the show. All the investors were dumbfounded.

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No one has ever been as small as these two before Black Vox: 17-year-old friends Karl Fischer and Leander Mehlis presented a sustainable bicycle bag in “Die Höhle der Löwen”, which can be folded into a backpack in just a few seconds The seconds can be converted thanks to the folding system . With their idea and ambition, they instantly convinced all the lions present.

Judith Williams, Nils Glago and George Koffler offered the duo the €20,000 required for ten percent of the company without negotiations. Carsten Maschmeyer and Ralf Dümmel threw twice into the room for double the share.

The boys were confused – they knew their fate was in their own hands and that they had the upper hand. So the lions tried to impress and overpower each other with their connections, ages, and demeanors to get a foot in the door at two suitcases.

The founders chose Glago

George Koffler was the first to get bored: “I refuse to put forward any further arguments.” In the end, the boys chose sympathy over money and connections: Nils Glago got the deal because the chemistry was the best.

The creators of “2bag” seem still to be excited about the decision, as they explained on Instagram: “We eventually chose Nils Glagow because he looked more like us in ‘The Cave’ and we knew we wanted to go the alone route. This has been confirmed more than it has been confirmed in our collaboration. Ex with Nils Glagau and his team”. They did not expect that they could completely inspire all lions.

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But how did the two teenagers, who are now of legal age, come up with the idea of ​​developing a basket that can be turned into a backpack in a very short time? They stated that they participated in a student exchange in New Zealand. They were often outside with their bikes – equipped with very impractical bags once you were no longer sitting on the bike and wanted to move them elsewhere.

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