Twitter: These accounts provide football entertainment

These accounts provide football entertainment

There are also all kinds of football related entertainment on social media

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It remains to be seen if DFB-Elf can entertain in EM 2021. These Twitter accounts will surely make you smile.

For many people, the European Football Championship will be the absolute hot topic in the coming weeks. However, these Twitter accounts of the world’s most beautiful secondary to many fans always provide entertainment – regardless of whether the German national team will cause storms of enthusiasm or long faces with their opening match against France on June 15.

Celebrities are football fans too

Anyone who has always wanted to see Will Smith (52) in Germany, Terence Hill (82) in BVB or the Backstreet Boys in Bayern, is on the account. Celebrities in football shirts in the right place. There are many pictures of international stars of different colors from clubs and nationalities. Or what about Snoop Dogg (49) as an Ajax player?

in a Football players with animals Meanwhile, there are photos and clips of professional players with wildlife to watch. There are often cute shots of athletes with their pets, but there are also intriguing shots, such as the photo of Gary Lineker (60) with little pigs in his arms or Schalke players in front of several cows.

The thing about age

The account collects unfavorable photos of players from the 80s, in which they sometimes look much older than they did at that time. ’80s football players are aging badYou can’t tell by looking at many that they were mostly only in their mid-20s or early thirties when they took the photos.

The account offers a different kind of nostalgia “Crap 90s Football”. As the name suggests, you can mostly see the unsuccessful moves, shots and actions from the 90s. If you’d rather review epic moments from this decade, go to Football from the 90s In good hands.

Hobby historians are also likely to advance “Kickover” interested. The account publishes old covers of the sports magazine Kicker. As a younger fan, you can see how Lothar Matthaus (60) looked as an Under-21 player or how Ike Hessler (55) wanted to break Dortmund’s defense in a Roma shirt.


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