Twitch: This hot bath has become popular thanks to a rather unusual technology

Twitch: This hot bath has become popular thanks to a rather unusual technology

When we talk about the category Twitch and the Pools, Hot Tubs and Beaches, we often think of Amoranth, one of the most popular streamers in this category. But it is not the only one that offers this type of content and there are a large number of channels that offer it. It’s hard then to find a place in the sun and attract viewers – but today our streamer has developed a somewhat special style of attracting the masses.

Art and the way to seduce viewers

We’re talking about Taylor Gevaux here. With over 1.6 million followers, she is one of the top 20 live stream followers on Twitch. However, she stands out in a very special way: she almost never appears on screen during her life.. Their average life is 4 hours but they are generally not visible for more than 90% of this time.

She stands on the side, away from the camera, talking to viewers who just stare at an inflatable hot tub for hours.. Throughout the streams, it repeats itself constantly About to enter the scene, does a regular countdown – often to zero – after which nothing happens. Even worse, sometimes the countdown starts again. When you stand to the side, on-screen messages tell viewers that they will beSoon in front of the camera.

Of course, many viewers complain and call the live broadcast boring or even a scam, but the number of viewers is constantly increasing. naturally, The streamer ends up making a penetration in front of the camera to do some squats in the jacuzzi for 5 minutes… before disappearing from the field again.

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The strangest thing is, however, It’s because there’s often more viewers before Taylor shows up, and her audience drops off once she’s up and about for the day.. We can assume that viewers will probably be more fascinated by the time it will take to appear on screen than with the content it provides.

Of course, her method is not suitable for everyone, and the chat can be a bit fierce, but it seems that the operator is literally indifferent. And as long as it works, we don’t see why she would deny herself it.


When we talk about recordings on Twitch, we mainly think of the number of viewers or even frenzied fast cycles during which the recordings drop one by one. But we French love to innovate, and the Terracid streaming device has made an (unlikely) feat thanks to its community.

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