4 months before its release, the scarlet and violet versions are completely leaking

4 months before its release, the scarlet and violet versions are completely leaking

By the end of the year should come out Versions carmine And the purple From Pokemon. But like previous installments in the franchise, a major leak has now been dropping content day in and day out since last week. Unreleased Pokemon, regional variations, new tricks, age, region of the game, everything is there, or almost.

Leak is hard to contain

Pokémon fans are used to it, and the leaks are going well for the Game Freak series. Nintendo struggles to contain leaks and so the most curious can feed, a few months before releases, clear information. And for several months now, regular but light and above all mysterious leaks appeared on the web. Only since last weekThe leakage intensified significantly. The snippets have given way to veritable blocks of subtle information, leaving little room for interpretation.

The information included in the specialized Spanish Twitter account CentroLeaks, which we have summarized for you in an easily digestible way below:

  • The area is called Baldia ;
  • Not Mega Evolutions again.
  • The map is important 3 major citiesAnd the 9 small cities ;
  • The Regional Pokémon includes 400 to 500 Pokémon;
  • 120 to 140 new Pokemon will be present;
  • Two new regional formats: Taurus and Axoloto ;
  • 3 new pokemon dog. One of them is Specter Pokemon.
  • New spider pokemon.
  • Not a legendary third.
  • Three new tricks: crystalAnd the Ancient and futuristic genres and the Regional fakes (The game mechanics are explained in more detail below);
  • You will get Legendary Pokemon ancient/future genres, But this content can be kept for DLC;
  • Old/future types cannot evolve;
  • Pohm, Scalprey, Scalpion, Colossinge, Insolourdo, Cornebre It will have new developments.
  • Not all Hisui Pokémon will be in the game;
  • Teddiursa, Dodoala, Rotom, Muplodocus, Heliastem, Fireforever, Smogogo, Garchomp in the game
  • Capumain, Bazoucan, Chovsourir, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Couafarel, Rongourmand, Météno, Statitik, Milobellus, Wailord, Métalosse, Lippoutou, Golemastoc They are not in the game
  • The game will contain side quests;
  • You will bring a group of 4 Legendary Pokémon;
  • There is no new development for Evie.
  • Pokémon will travel through time, not the player;
  • Dreamfire will have older types;
  • Cadoizo will have a futuristic type;
  • Character customization will be more limited there. Clothing options are limited to school uniforms;
  • The game is required 60 hours To the author of the leak, though he admitted it wasn’t particularly good.
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Regarding these “three tricks”, they are nothing more and nothing less than the mechanics of the new Pokémon game. So, the Scarlet and Violet versions arrive with a whole host of new features, starting with three new ones: crystalthey Ancient and futuristic genres and the Regional fakes. These tricks were introduced in the 9th generation of Pokémon, and are meant to spark adventure:


In the case of crystallization, this mechanic changes the appearance of a Pokémon while enhancing a specific type (which can be selected), gaining an additional damage factor in that type. A mechanic that is activated through the use of an item that can be used by the majority of NPCs.

Old and future types:

As their names suggest, these types will be both future and ancient forms of existing Pokémon. However, they will have their own name and their own Pokémon number and they will be Pokémon in their own right, not just new forms.

Regional fake:

Regional Counterfeits are described as a small group of new Pokémon that are similar to existing Pokémon. The “clones” that are sure to delight netizens are the Triopiker clone, a Water-Type eel Pokémon that behaves just like Triopiker and has a similar face.

blurry pictures

Of course, leaks would be nothing without their share of lackluster photos. There have been many images popping up on the web, from new Pokémon to rookie evolutions and arena champions, the curious will have something to eat.

Possibility of scarlet and violet color leaks from Pokemon

Images of various characters from the game seem to be leaking onto the internet. The source has not been verified, so take it with a grain of salt.

They are meant to be leaders in the gym. pic.twitter.com/BDwPnOGEdO

11 July 2022

the second group. The last character apparently another contender?

The supposed gym leaders are:

insect, leaf, water, ice, normal, electric, psychic, ghost pic.twitter.com/wkoDGkwqdj

11 July 2022

Oops, you missed one photo of the gym leader.

thanks for the Tweet embed To take photos without watermarks. pic.twitter.com/zdAz0jopw6

11 July 2022

Well, the same source that posted the Gym Leaders leak has also posted new Pokemon / Forms. pic.twitter.com/brOq7GXCTM

11 July 2022

And the same source seems to have posted this as well pic.twitter.com/RtccD9M2KF

11 July 2022

It looks like Amoonguss and Wigglytuff will be a new type of Pokémon introduced in Gen 9.

Not regional forms, not developments, but a new concept. pic.twitter.com/IRS4T61BqE

12 July 2022

Sprigatito (grass/dark) evolution and Quaxly (water/fighting) evolution from the back. pic.twitter.com/znUIuZZjSJ

12 July 2022

More pictures of new Pokemon.

The first picture is a new gimmick. pic.twitter.com/3raF2ZjZFU

12 July 2022

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4 months before their releases, releases carmine And the purple So you have to be content to see their content merrily leaking out onto the web. On your part, are you satisfied with these leaks? Feel free to reply to us via the comments section below.

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