TV series: Presentation for Wednesday (15/06/2022).

TV series: Presentation for Wednesday (15/06/2022).

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Preview for Wednesday (15/06/2022)

Love Storm: Jerry can’t help but confess to Merle that he loves Sheerene.

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This is how the business of Unter Uns, GZSZ & Co. continues on Wednesday.

2:10 p.m., 1st: Red Roses

Sandra accompanies Nessi to a meeting with her would-be father, Matthias. But the father candidate turned out to be wrong. Nici bravely accepts the setback. When Nessi shows Mia her childhood photos, Mia wonders why Nessie can be seen as a boy in the photos. Nici confidently declares that she is trans. Hendrik files a complaint about the stolen engagement ring. Meanwhile, the episode appears at Jakob’s and finds its way to Preeta via more or less winding paths. But someone else has secured his coveted wedding date: Bernd!

3:10 p.m., 1st: Love Storm

While Henning doesn’t believe in the future together for Jerry and Sheeren, and Shereen has given up hope, Jerry decides to follow his heart. He wants to be with Shireen and tells Merle about it with a heavy heart. When Rosalie gives up searching for the banknote bearing Raphael’s phone number and tries to get more involved in her relationship with Michael, it turns out that both Rosalie and Michael have long been dreaming of a trip to New Zealand.

5:30 PM, RTL: Between us

Eva and Dominic want to know who is behind Dominic’s exit. Ringo and Izzy do not want to expose Benedict. After Jessica’s departure, Tobias has to get a new mattress for himself and Vivian. Easier said than done.

7:05 PM, RTL: Everything matters

Simone hopes Chiara is too busy to worry about losing. But the contradictions are increasingly raising questions. When Henning and Lyla search for new roommates, Daniela throws her hat into the ring. This is a disaster for Henning, but not just for him. Maximilian is not ready to leave the family business and hopes for an alliance with Jenny.

7:40pm, RTL: Good times, bad times

When Jenna lovingly reminds Kate that she will soon be a big sister, she successfully breaks the ice – and not just with Kate. Meanwhile, Emily receives a surprise date invitation. After Tobias’s aggressive provocation, Catherine cuts things off for him and doesn’t want to grieve for him anymore. But when Tobias meets her carelessly and as an alien, the pain inflicts upon her.


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