Turn the wasteland into a space for everyone - vote for them!

Turn the wasteland into a space for everyone – vote for them!

In Anderlecht, dozens of Schott residents gathered to implement a beautiful project. “We occupied common land that was left with a paper for two years. We signed an agreement with the municipality). We have partially furnished it and want to organize events and activities for the residents of the area, in order to (re)establish connections and diversity but also to meet the residents and especially to provide a free space open to all. Multicultural perspective , the group explains.

“The ground is open, has a vegetable patch, a platform and amphitheaters. We dream of being able to offer activities and events of all kinds and above all for free or, in any case, at very democratic prices, bringing together young and old (concerts, movie shows, entertainment, and shows, cutting workshops…) We also want to finish developing the land (chips on the ground, maybe a place to collect rainwater, plant some perennials and fruit trees, signs and information about the types of plants and how they work. Containers, building nesting boxes, etc. . We dream that all residents of the neighborhood feel legitimate in appropriating public space, allocating space, proposing and organizing activities.We dream that the concept of “private good” will be replaced by the concept of “common good”, adds the group that really aims to promote the appropriation of space by residents The area gathered in this project called “Aumale life Aumale Leeft”.

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Fabrice Camps, Mayor of Anderlecht. – Dr

“The activation of waste plots is a priority for our municipality. First, because it improves the urban environment, but also (and above all) because projects implemented by citizen groups make it possible to strengthen social bonds and cohesion. In a municipality as diverse as Anderlecht, these are extraordinary tools for developing the desire to interview others.

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