Artist Arnaud Eubelen blends design and sculpture in the Brasseurs space in Liège

Artist Arnaud Eubelen blends design and sculpture in the Brasseurs space in Liège

Liege structure for Contemporary Art Makers Aims to spread and promote contemporary creation, by organizing specific events. Ranging from solo exhibition sessions to conferences, reading evenings, through editorial presentations or projects. On the occasion of the ninth session of the exhibitions, this is the theme ray which was chosen. Bringing hope, this theme will highlight the artists’ projects submitted for two years.

From November 06, he is a Belgian artist Arno Joplin Who will submit his work? Born in Liège and an industrial designer by training, he blends his creativity Sculpture and design. Brewers offer loads of designated spaces, Fallen Values ​​Association ask us agencies on the constituent elements of public space. The architecture here acts as a mirror of our value systems, hiding complex identities behind its facades. Through the actions taken on recovered materials, he offers a view beyond the banality of everyday life, to be able to observe the phenomena that surround us.

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Parallel to the work of Arnaud Jubilin, the exhibition Inside GLASSBOX_GLASSBRICKMapping Liege with water from Froukje de Boer It will also be presented to the public. To question the limits Exaggeration of interpretation, the artist maps drawing Cork through the water in the glass. during the opening, three Voice activated It will be presented in order to interact with the exhibitions and thus complement the artists’ work.

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Contemporary Art Makers

Rue du Pont 26/28 – 4000 Liege
Opening 11/6 at 6 pm

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