Tsunami in the Sandwich Islands causes water to rise ten centimeters

Tsunami in the Sandwich Islands causes water to rise ten centimeters

Sea level rose by about ten centimeters in Reunion, this Friday, August 13, around 9:30 a.m. These are the effects of last night’s earthquake and tsunami in the Sandwich Islands. explanations.

At l’Etang-Salé, in the port or even in Saint-Gilles: strange phenomena were reported, on Friday, August 13th. On the coast, the water began to rise and fall rapidly for several minutes.

Unusual phenomena that appeared to be high and then low tides within a quarter of an hour, tell many Internet users on social networks.

The Etang-Salé Pass turned into a river

These sudden surges of sea level rise and fall are particularly observed in Etang-Salé. The pass has turned into a real river with a very strong current, as evidenced by this video posted on social networks.

Whirlpools in the ports of the West

At Saint-Gilles, Saint-Leu and l’Etang-Salé, eddies are also observed in the moorings. In a video and photos, a netizen testifies to this wonderful movement of water in West Port. In Saint-Leu, a netizen also said that within a few minutes, the boats could no longer use the canal to the port.

A tsunami is a series of waves

This phenomenon is the result of an earthquake followed by a tsunami that occurred last night in the Sandwich Islands, located in the South Atlantic.

“These are few traces of this tsunami that occurred around 10:42 pm the time of the reunion,” Jacques Ecourmier, chief meteorologist at Météo France explains.

According to our surveys at the port, the water has risen ten centimeters, which is consistent with the forecast given by Central Australia that the sea level of our island has risen by up to ten centimeters.

Jack Eckormire

Check out its details below:

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Jack Ekormire interview

The first wave hit Reunion this morning between 9:30 AM and 10 AM. A tsunami is a series of waves 5 to 7 meters in length that multiply every hour or half an hour, Jack Ekormier explains. Hence, the tsunami is weak for Reunion, but with whirlpools in the ports and ships that can hardly move.”

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