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News from New Zealand: Aotearoa ‘s strict coronavirus measures do not coincide with the full consent of all travelers.

It is known that we can move freely here, party and travel. Paying for a corona-free paradise, instead. It’s called MIQ and it costs $ 3,100 per person. “Managed Isolated Quarantine” is the protective anti-virus wall in the country of agriculture and fishing: two weeks of quarantine in the hotel room after crossing the border, under heavy guard by the army, and patio control.

It’s like you’re in Stacy’s prison, with the corresponding coercive measures. Instead of being questioned, MIQ inmates must be regularly tortured with Covid tests in order to protect the island’s residents from enemy viruses. With such gross violations of human rights it is easy to panic. Like Lucinda Pulch from Australia, who had to bring her three adopted children to New Zealand.

There the youngsters must be handed over to new parents after arrival and MIQ – and their mate must return to Australia after the acclimatization period. All of them came to the Grand Mercure Wellington. The children were routinely tested and discharged after 14 days because they were negative. Her adoptive mother was stuck for the same length of time. She refused the requested PCR test.

As a park ranger, she has a “medical background” and therefore needs “informed consent” before taking a smear on her nose. The approval fighter told Radio New Zealand that she had read reports online about the COVID-19 test being ineffective. Only when there is clear evidence of her success does she agree. Everything else is violent and illegal.

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The last test is always done on the twelfth day of quarantine. Those who reject it can be kept in MIQ for up to 28 days asymptomatically – to make sure no virus was introduced that would have been noticed by then at the latest. Impose to Bolshe. She threatened to go to court after her return flight. On the other hand, opposition politician Judith Collins called for her to be deported immediately.

Using just one googling, the rebel had discovered that the polymerase chain reaction test was very reliable. And with more Google searches, all of the media that accompanied her campaign had discovered that Lucinda Baulch was also using completely different platforms. She spent nine times in her hotel isolation on YouTube for a prominent conspiracy theory.

Her name is Karen Brewster and she spreads lies about vaccines, fluorine in water, and the Freemasons. Last year, Brewster had to pay about 500,000 euros to an Australian policy as compensation for pain and suffering for being described as “a member of a clandestine child-sex network”. However, Lucinda Bulch praised her: The disinformation channel saved her in MIQ prison. The AI ​​is now safely ready.

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