Tropical Storm Elsa is heading especially towards Martinique, which is still standing

Tropical Storm Elsa is heading especially towards Martinique, which is still standing

As predicted by French and American specialists, the meteorological phenomenon that followed for a few days, turned this morning (July 1, 2021) into a tropical storm called Elsa. It particularly threatens the islands of the south of the Antilles, including Martinique.

According to the latest bulletin from the Lamentin Weather Center (Thursday, July 1, 2021) behind the equatorial wave, the air mass remains relatively humid and unstable, but is temporarily calmer over the next 24 hours.

Another disturbance currently located about 1,300 km southeast of Martinique, is developing in an environment favorable for its development by moving towards the west and northwest. It strengthened to a tropical depression overnight and reached the stage of Tropical Storm ELSA on Thursday morning (July 1, 2021). You will cross the Lesser Antilles on Friday, perhaps between Saint Vincent and Martinique, Announces the weather forecast.

Deteriorating weather conditions on Friday, July 2, 2021

Today, a relative calm appears with scattered and less intense rain. Winds remain moderate to very strong, with gusts of 50 to 70 km/h in general. A new deterioration is expected tonight and tomorrow (Friday, July 2, 2021).

Then the rains become frequent, continuous, and stormy locally. The wind intensifies with strong and frequent gusts of more than 100 km / h. The sea widens, becomes powerful in the Atlantic and in the channels, with average basins approaching 4 meters.

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– 100 mm in 24 hours on the northern ridge;

– 62 mm in Saint-Pierre;

– 60 mm St. Joseph.

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The wind gusts nearly 99 km/h in Vaughlin and 92 km/h in Fond Saint-Denis.

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