Martinique's passage in the orange awakening of

Martinique’s passage in the orange awakening of

With Tropical Storm Elsa approaching, Météo-France has put Martinique on alert orange with torrential rain, thunderstorms, strong winds, waves and sea inundation.

Tropical Storm Elsa is expected to cross the West Indian Arc south of Saint Lucia towards the end of next night.

For Martinique, weather and marine conditions will deteriorate severely from tomorrow Friday, July 2, 2021 early in the morning.

Heavy rainfall of up to 50 mm per hour

Locally violent winds of more than 100 km / h كم

Dense seas in the Atlantic and in the channels, with cavities of more than 4 meters.

The county recommends the following individual measures:

Keep yourself informed of the development of the phenomenon by following the weather forecast on Our Location, on radio, television or on the communication channels of Meteo France

Find out before you start the trip and drive carefully

Do not do any outings or outdoor activities

Avoid cruises, swimming and water activities

Prepare for the safety of your property that is likely to be damaged by rising waters, particularly by the sea

Avoid using phones and electrical appliances during a thunderstorm

Protect boats by harboring or taking them out of the water

Verify the laying of machinery and materials on construction sites.

Behavioral advice

Swimmers, divers, fishermen and walkers :

Avoid cruises, swimming, and recreational water activities.
Be careful on the beaches: be careful of the reels and breaking waves!

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Boaters and seafarers :

Protect boats by harboring or taking them out of the water
If you must stay on board, be especially careful when traveling and wear emergency equipment.
Be especially careful if you have to go to sea.
At sea, take all precautions to ensure your safety in case you fall into the water

sea ​​dwellers :

If you live near the sea, be prepared to secure your belongings that are likely to be damaged by rising waters or being washed away by the waves. Watch out for the rising water level.

When traveling by car, drive carefully, limit your speed and do not enter roads that are prone to swelling or already flooded.

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