Tropical depression gradually approaching the coast of Caled

Tropical depression gradually approaching the coast of Caled

It is currently south of the Solomon Islands, but the tropical depression, which is still weak this Saturday, should pass close to the territory next Tuesday and become a strong tropical depression. Heavy rain is expected from Monday.

Its path is still uncertain but its arrival becomes more and more evident during the past hours. The tropical depression located south of the Solomon Islands is expected to increase in the coming days.

“The most likely path is really a pass very close to New Caledonia, either in the Grande Terre or in the Loyalty Islands.” Julien Leduc, chief meteorologist at Météo France explains.

In its latest issue on Saturday, December 11 at 12 noon, Météo France notes that the phenomenon should pass in the immediate vicinity of Cayo Between the night of Monday to Tuesday and the evening of Tuesday.

While there is a lot of inconsistency between the different prediction models, one thing seems for sure: depression is getting stronger. “We estimate that it should move into the strong tropical depression in the country” Refers to the chief forecasters. Some models change it to cyclone stage, others to moderate tropical depression, “There was therefore uncertainty about its severity at the time of its passage.” Concludes.

It will be necessary to anticipate the deterioration of the weather, regardless of the severity of the phenomenon. If it becomes a strong tropical depression as predicted by Météo France, “We should expect winds approaching 150 km/h if it affects the country.” Julian Leduc explains.

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But the wind is also heavy rain, which will be “to watch” According to chief forecasters. “The rain is particularly discernible during this phenomenon.” Refers to this, as of Monday, December 13th. The rainy episode will likely last a long time. rain pIt can become particularly severe in the north, east coast and relief.

Météo France is now inviting Caledonians to stay informed of the situation, and To start preparing for the arrival of this phenomenon.

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