Triathlon : Erwin Vanderplancke 9e à Hambourg !

Triathlon: Erwin Vanderblanc’s ninth place in Hamburg!

I am now practicing a positive wave! “ Erwin Vanderplancke shouted after finishing ninth this weekend in Hamburg, his best result in the World Triathlon Championship Series (WTCS). Finally, one might be tempted to add a lot of bad luck that Irwin played in this Olympic year. Swallowed up, disappointed after not being selected as a reserve for the Tokyo Games, Liege returned to a level of performance worthy of his talent.

After finishing fifth at the World Cup last week, in Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic), the TriGT trio finished ninth in Hamburg, following a controversial format event. Sprint (750m swim, 20km, cycling, 5km walk), as the victory went to Tim Hellwig, in 53’08, after an incredible six-man race.

The organizers, in fact, had to resort to finishing the picture to choose between German and French Paul Jorgenthum, at the same time! Another Frenchman, Leo Berger, completed the podium, at the same time as another … German, Lacey Nygaard-Brester.

Out of the water in 8’57 for 750 metres, 28 seconds behind the future winner, Erwin Vanderplancke is back on his bike, completing the 20km in 28’35 with his first peloton. Putting his mechanism on with all contenders for the win, Liege raced the 5km in 14’45 to set a final time of 53’24, 16 seconds off German Helling, the famous Spaniard Serrat (8th in Edmonton!) finishing fifth place at 53′ 12.

Also featured in a peloton brought in to compete for glory, Noah Servais completed the 5km walk in 15’12, which earned him an honorable 17th place, at 53’46, while Jonathan Wayavi finished 46th, at 58’35.

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On the women’s front, Germany’s Laura Lindemann won her first success at the World International Trade Championships. At 58’17, she was four seconds ahead of New Zealander Nicole van der Kay and nine seconds ahead of American Summer Rappaport. The two Belgians involved were unable to hook up the right carriage after swimming. Julian Vermeelen was 36th (1h01’13) and Hanne De Vet 43 (1h02’20).

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