She was defeated by Elise Mertens in the quarter-finals by Vondrosova

She was defeated by Elise Mertens in the quarter-finals by Vondrosova

Elise Mertens He lost in the WTA 250 tennis tournament quarterfinals in Luxembourg, played on hard ground and earned $235,238, on Friday in Luxembourg.

Limburgwas, 16th in the world and number two, was defeated in straight sets by the Czechs Marketa Vondrosova, 35th in the world and rated N.5. The match ended 7-5 6-2 after 1h37 of play.

Elise Mertens was leading 3-5 in the first heat when the machine broke down. She lost her commitment twice, and lost two set points before she saw her opponent reverse direction (7-5).

The left-handed 22-year-old Czech confirmed the WTA all-time gold medalist and silver medalist at the Tokyo Olympics, in the second round. It has not given up any stopping points, unlike the Belgian N.1, who has given up its service twice. Without shivering, Vondrousova validated her ticket to the last square.

Earlier today, three Belgian players qualified for the doubles final. In fact, Greetings Minin And Alison van Uytvanck join Kimberly Zimmerman In the doubles final, the Japanese won straight sets 6-3 7-6 (2) in 1 hour 26 against Japan’s Eri Hozumi and Makoto Ninomiya, seeded No. 3.

They will challenge Kimberly Zimmerman in the final. associated with New Zealand Irene RotlefThe Brussels native qualified for the final earlier on Friday after winning back-to-back 6-4 6-2 at 1:12 over the Russians. Vitalia Dyachenko And Yana Cizkova.

In singles, Minin, 78th in the world, was knocked out in the second round by the Czechs Marie Bozkova (WTA 84) Where Van Uytvanck bowed from start to Vondrosova.

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