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Traveling abroad: rules for traveling to the UK

the United kingdom still one of the Favorite Destinations For all Italian citizens who want to spend some time abroad during the Christmas period. This is also in COVID times. Unfortunately, due to the emergency situation, travelling abroadand therefore also in the UK, it means having to Respect the rules and regulations.

these, Launched both of Italian government and English local government, ready to avoid deterioration of the situation and clearly protect their citizens.

the United kingdomlocated between Countries on List D, as provided by the Italian Government, with: Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Japan, Indonesia, Israel, Kuwait, New Zealand, Peru, Qatar, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Northern Ireland, Republic of Korea and USA The United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao are special administrative regions.

Traveling abroad in the UK: Italian government rules

according to the provisions of Government Decrees and Decrees, as stated in Ministry of Health websiteor on the page Safe Travel, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, for every Back to Italy from the UK, it is necessary:

  • or not passenger locator form, or a digital tracking unit.
  • Submit a certificate Negative antigen test result conducted in the previous 24 hours at the entrance or from molecular test conducted in previous 48 hours.
  • To provide Green COVID-19 Certificate single for every vaccination event, with certificate Course completion Serum.

for those who They are not Green COVID-19 certified, and presents duty Always out of show Tinge carried out, in accordance with the above conditions, and 5-day credit isolation, At the address indicated on the passenger locator form.

I Children under the age of 6 are exempted from preventive and credit isolation. However, in the event that the accompanying parent is committed to fiduciary isolation, the minor is also obligated to respect it.

molecular tests

Traveling abroad in the UK: English government rules

The British government has put in place provisions for travelers traveling back home from Italy. The measures prescribe different rules depending on whether or not you have a certificate of vaccination.

In the case of travelers with Complete vaccination certificate, Must:

  • Keep a molecular smear made by 2nd day after arrival In the UK, at a medical center selected from a list, e Stay in isolation until the score swab
  • or not Passenger Locator Form To be served up
  • To provide COVID-19 green certificate, With a certificate of completion of the vaccination course.

for those instead They do not have a green certificate To be vaccinated, or for whom You haven’t completed the course yet Vaccination is expected:

  • Show Negative COVID-19 swab result conducted in three days ago Boarding
  • Show formulario online, travel locator form, completed in format the previous two days Boarding
  • Precautionary isolation for 10 days Once you arrive in the UK
  • subject 2nd and 8th control pads day After arriving in the UK.

As for the Children under 4 years old, there is theInsulation exemption and precautionary isolation. because I am Minors between 5 and 17 years old Instead, theExemption from protective isolation before departure, but it remains Mandatory monitoring buffer within two days from access.

molecular tests

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