New Zealand police unveil 'secret cat department' - unusual

New Zealand police unveil ‘secret cat department’ – unusual

New Zealand unveils police

New Zealand law enforcement has decided to reveal a large secret police department to the public.

Intensive training for cats

Have you ever heard of the New Zealand Police’s “Secret Cat Division” in Auckland?

While the city has been in a long prison due to Covid-19, the police wanted to discover this division of a new kind.

In a video, the police introduced Arnold, the new recruit to this group. Opportunity to spot cats in full training.

Put a little joy in this confinement period

A highly trained cat that can “navigate waterways, jump through hoops, get around and learn to hide in times of danger”. An essential police support animal.

“We hope this training video helps spread some joy and that you will better experience this confinement,” New Zealand Police explained on Facebook.

In total, two million Auckland residents have been called to stay at home due to several mysterious cases that cannot be linked to Covid-19 clusters.

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