Transgender runner manager vows to compete on the world stage after being banned from hormone tests at the US Olympics

Transgender runner manager vows to compete on the world stage after being banned from hormone tests at the US Olympics

According to the Associated Press, CeCe Telfer will not be able to compete in the women’s 400m hurdles due to world athletics guidelines that set requirements for athletes to be eligible for the Summer Olympics.

In 2019, the organization closed the women’s international 400m one-mile competitions to all athletes who did not meet specific criteria.

An athlete’s testosterone levels should not exceed five nanomols per liter for at least one year.

Telfer CEO David MacFarland said his client would respect the ruling.

“CeCe looks to the future and continues to train. She will be competing nationally and globally again soon.” confirmed it.

USATF (USA Track & Field) said in its special statement to The Hill that Telfer met performance standards for the 400-meter hurdles, but did not meet the specific World Athletics requirements for transgender athletes.

“Following notification from World Athletics on June 17 that conditions had not yet been met, USATF provided CeCe with eligibility requirements, along with World Athletics, an opportunity to demonstrate eligibility so that it can compete in the U.S. Olympic Team Trials,” they said..

According to a subsequent notification to World Athletics CeCe on June 22, she was unable to establish her eligibility. “

“If CeCe qualifies for the participation of transgender athletes in the future, we strongly support their participation in international events as a USATF team member.”

More than 20 US states have so far introduced conservative-led legislation to ban or restrict transgender athletes from participating in teams or sports consistent with their gender identity, including Idaho, Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas.

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Equality issues around transgender competitors have been a hot topic recently, with the inclusion of weightlifter Laurel Hubbard on the New Zealand Olympic team – who was born male and became female in 2012 – in the spotlight.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern entered the fray and supported Hubbard by saying: All parties here just followed the rules.” Referring to the testosterone protocol.

“This is the case for Laurel but also for Team New Zealand. They followed the rules,” She added.

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