2021 FOILING WEEK Malcesine, a series of initiatives in the name of social commitment

2021 FOILING WEEK Malcesine, a series of initiatives in the name of social commitment

Exactly one week to go to the start of FOILING WEEK 2021 in Malcesine; After a tough year without much sailing, we are glad to finally be back in the water to fly. Now in its 12th edition, July 1-4, FOILING WEEK is here to provide you with everything you have been waiting for in the wonderful setting of Lake Garda, with forums, trials and above all regattas, with the participation of some of the biggest names in the world of sailing.

First of all, you will notice that our logo this year is more colorful; We fully support and support the LGBTQ+ community in their fight against inequality and intolerance. That’s why we decided to color our logo so that our support is not only heard, but also seen.

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Regatta, powered by our awesome partner Sailmon Instruments (https://sailmon.com/), will include 4 chapters: Moth, Waszp, ETF 26 and Wingfoil with the European Cup, and all testing will start on the afternoon of Thursday 1 July.

Moth Races, fully backed by our partnership with Liberty Bitcoin Fund (https://www.libertybitcoinfund.com/), will see some of the world’s best sailors take part, with athletes of the caliber of Tom Slingsby, Ian Jensen, Paul “Goody” Goodison, Chico Bruni and many more.

The Waszp will see many young men and women test their skills against each other, in a setting with unparalleled conditions. Every day, in collaboration with the Magenta Project (https://themagentaproject.org/), a briefing and debriefing session will be held for all women contestants; It will be attended by Leif Mackay from New Zealand, Margherita Porro from Italy and Francesca Maggi from Germany, all young and talented sailors, aiming to provide as much knowledge as possible to all participants.

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After last year’s success, two-winged regattas are back, stunning as always, and for a second time we’ll have the ETF 26 catamaran, designed by four-time Jacques Fabre race winner Jean-Pierre Deck and designed by Guillaume Verdier, marine engineer for Team Emirates New Zealand Winner of the 34th America’s Cup.

For the first time, the Foiling SuMoth Challenge will show the fruits of the competition’s second phase with a water speed test where student teams will test their concepts of sustainable moth against GPS.

All regatta awards will be made using recycled carbon fiber composites supplied by our partners Microtex composites (https://microtexcomposites.com/); Thank you very much also goes to Gac Pindar (https://gacpindar.com/and our logistics partner, Helly Hansen,https://www.hellyhansen.com/en_it/), our official partner in apparel.

Like every year our forums, promoted by Gurit (https://www.gurit.com/), in collaboration with Persico Marine (https://www.persicomarine.com/), I am here to bring you the latest news on the world of frustration and the world of sailing in general, with special guests from all over the world.

Let’s start on July 1 with “Flying Over Barriers: Frustrating Gender Equality in Professional Watersports?” With guests including Jimmy Spiethl, Daniela Morros, and Liv McKay, he followed shortly with “The Future of IMOCA: So Far, So Fast, What’s So Dangerous to a Human Pilot?” With Sam Manward and Antoine Mermaud as keynote speakers. SuMoth Challenge, in association with 11th Hour Racing (https://11thhourracing.org/), will experience its final stages here at Foiling Week with a forum dedicated to sustainability and innovation; All participating universities will be present: Politecnico di Torino Sailing Team, Politecnico di Milano Sailing Team, University of Pavia Sailing, Rafale ETS in Montreal to name a few, as well as Sergio Caramel, EcoFoiler Project Manager at NothernLights Composites and former student at SuMoth Challenge foil .

The second day of the talk sees a star-studded line-up in the morning, with the Royal New Zealand Yachting Squadron Commodity and the Royal Yachting Squadron participating in “The World’s Largest Event: The Cup Rulers” where they will give us an exclusive preview of the latest developments in the America’s Cup. In the afternoon, thanks to the support of our sustainability partner Torqeedo (https://www.torqeedo.com/ar), “E-Foiling Match Made in Heaven and the Future of ePropulsion” vedr√† Nicholas Leason di Lift Foils, Gustav Hasselskorg di Candela Yachts (https://candela.com/), Luc Blecha of Zeest by Almatech and Massimo de Luca, winner of the Foiling Week multipurpose eFoiler design competition sponsored by Torqeedo and Gurit. The discussion will focus on ePropulsion developments in their various electric chip boats. Shortly thereafter, sports legend Paul Larsen and Don Montague will talk about the world speed sailing record, being both pioneers in thwarting the record itself. The topic will resume this past morning with Mayeul Van den Broek and Xavier Leperq from SP80 and Alex Kaysergis from Syroco; The captains of both teams will discuss their plans and why they think they will reach the 80 knot barrier to break the world speed record.

The final day of the Forum begins with “Game Changer: Round One of AC Foiler Design Innovations”, with guests including Checco Bruni, Naval Engineer Guillaume Verdier, Elise Bevis from Team Emirates New Zealand, and Laura Marimont.

But a frustrating week still has a lot to offer; In addition to regattas and forums, there are many other initiatives that will take place during the event.

First of all, for all those who participate in the frustration week races with a butterfly, there will be the possibility of being coached by Paul “Judy” Goodison. Furthermore, training with Tom Slingsby will be provided to all Waszp sailors at Foiling Week Malcesine 2021. To register, simply register at the following link: https://www.foilingweek.com/pages/twenty21/2021-foiling-week-garda/foiling-boat-coaching-with-goody-and-slingsby/.

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There will also be an opportunity for all those who register through our site to try out the new Manta5 HYDROFOILER XE-1 (https://www.foilingweek.com/pages/twenty21/2021-foiling-week-garda/foiling-proof/). It is open to all sailors and cyclists who want to enter the world of Frustration 3.0. Each boat will closely follow a dinghy with a trainer who will guide the experience and ensure safety. There will also be an opportunity to see work and plan testing with electric hoisting panels (https://liftfoils.com/efoil/), with a brand new LIFT3 eFoil.

Also available for trials, there will be a 20-minute Waszp Clinic, with a dedicated instructor from Europa Sail, Waszp’s Italian distributor, as well as a 90-minute course, where you’ll have the opportunity to experience frustration with professional instructors and different types of boats. In collaboration with Andrew Simpson Water Sports Center, the foils available are RS Aero foiling, windsurfing foil, and laser foiling. To register follow the link (https://www.foilingweek.com/pages/twenty21/2021-foiling-week-garda/learn-to-fly-and-foil-tasting/)

Most importantly, Candela has kindly provided one of her electric speedboats as an official guest boat and that the boat for all water activities will be powered by a Torqeedo electric motor.

And that’s not all; At the end of the water activities, thanks to the support of our partner Polynt (https://www.polynt.com/), many social events will be held to welcome all competitors and sailing enthusiasts to Malcesine and allow them to share knowledge and enjoy the beauty of Lake Garda. We can’t wait to see you all by the lake!

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