Tourism on Lake Maggiore, provided an e-bike for riding on the water

Tourism on Lake Maggiore, provided an e-bike for riding on the water

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A stone’s throw from history to launch an intervention initiative The trend of sustainable tourism development to The shore of Lake Maggiore the Lombardy. Near the Santana seaplane base, the launch pad was Savoia Marquette, which in the 1930s was the “technological gems” that allowed the crossing of the Great Atlantic, the pride of the Italian Air Force, Yesterday (Wed May 26, editor) Sesto Calende hosted another “first” leap in innovation.

Presentation of the Manta 5, an e-water bike that is making the world discover the opportunities associated with these new modes of transportation. An innovation in the name of sustainability, to provide new development opportunities for that tourism sector in our lakes that are preparing for a summer of complete recovery after the severe difficulties caused by the state of health alert, The Chamber of Commerce president, Fabio Longi, explains.

The electric motor and zero emissions make the Manta 5 a completely environmentally friendly car, Especially Suitable for attracting the enthusiastic crowd to our lakes Those who want to live a unique sporting experience that combines it with a concern for sustainability.

“That’s why – Lunghi continues – as part of the Varese Sport Commission, like the Chamber of Commerce We wanted to give tour operators the opportunity to connect, among the first, with this real electric bike Which allows you to ride on the water. For hoteliers, the availability of these facilities for their visitors can be an additional element of competitiveness. ”

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“for every Adventurous youthIn addition, there may beAn opportunity to start a potential business – Lunghi continues -. There is also the possibility, for the organizers of sporting events in Varese, to propose real competitions on an electric bike in the middle of the lake or, in any case, in every rich waterway in our territory. “

This e-bike was produced in New Zealand and distributed in Italy by Aquaride, and it aims to popularize a new way of visualizing mobility in water: A high-tech, and at the same time, ecological and charismatic vehicle. Equipped with a zero-emission electric motor and carbon fiber chips, to make it lighter, the Manta 5 allows you to reproduce the water cycling experience as safely as possible. Plus, its seven levels of pedal assist make it suitable for all levels of athletic training: from the avid athlete level to the novice tourist level.

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