Cancellation of the arrival of the corner Mohamed Boughanemi

Mathieu WARNIER, Media365, posted Wednesday May 26, 2021 at 4:30 pm.

Scheduled to join the workforce at LOU next season, Mohamed Boughanemi, a mainstay in Bao, was rejected due to an unsatisfactory medical examination according to RMC Sport.

Leon will have to change her plans. Last April, LOU announced a major recruitment wave for next season with Toulouse prostitute Guillaume Marchand, New Zealand who opened half of Lima Sopoaga, Toulon second grade Romain Taofifenua but also mainstay by Bao Mohamed Boughanme. However, regarding the latter, the situation has changed dramatically. At the end of the decade with the Paloise division, a player who wore the France XV shirt once during the tour in South Africa in the summer of 2017 would ultimately not wear the Rhone shirt for the next season. In fact, according to information from RMC Sport, The medical examination recently performed by Mohamed Boughanemi before signing his contract with LOU did not give satisfactory results.

Bougainmi without contract for next season

The cancellation of the signing of the contract is linked to the knee-level concern revealed by the medical examination. Counting on Mohamed Boughanmi to bolster his front line, the club that coaches Pierre Mignone will have to contemplate for the next season. One of the local business unit’s previous goals, the mainstay of Rocheles Arthur Jolie, would not be this substitute because Perpignan, favorites to climb to the top fourteen after dominating the regular season of Pro D2, confirmed the signature of the 33-year-old, who He has played in La Rochelle since 2018. For Mohamed Boughanmi, the future is now full of doubts after a very complicated season in Bern, he has not wore the colors of the Balois division since the victory of Pau. Against Lyon last January. Free from any commitment in a few weeks, the 29-year-old column will have to persuade the club to give it a chance despite the physical problem highlighted by the LOU.

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