Touch: 79-year-old builds an e-bike in a wheelchair for his sick wife

Touch: 79-year-old builds an e-bike in a wheelchair for his sick wife

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In order to be able to travel with his Alzheimer’s-stricken wife, Kevin Harvey modified his used e-bike and meated him in a wheelchair.

Kevin Harvey designed this wheelchair e-bike for his wife Beverly. (Source: Kevin Harvey/Facebook)

  • Retired 79-year-old Kevin Harvey came in with an unusual build.
  • He welded a wheelchair to a conventional e-bike.
  • Now he can ride the sandy stretches of New Plymouth, New Zealand instead of having to push his wife into a wheelchair.

Practical e-bikes – for retirees. In light of these e-bike innovations from 2022, this bias is of course outdated. But it totally applies to this very special e-bike, which was developed and built by a retiree from New Zealand himself.

In proportion to a good e-bike, this build also opens up whole new worlds, especially for Kevin Beverly’s wife, who has Alzheimer’s disease. For a while, Kevin had to push the 89-year-old into a wheelchair. Now he can travel with her again and always keep an eye on her when he’s on the saddle, pedals and handlebars.

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Crazy bikes and bikes

Crazy bikes and bikes

Like tampering with the opposite RNZ It states that a modified front fork is at the heart of its design. Here he welded a foldable wheelchair and made sure the folding mechanism didn’t accidentally turn on while driving.

Minor repairs are always necessary, but Kevin usually resolves these issues during short breaks. The team naturally arouses the curiosity of many passersby who are curious about the construction and the couple’s history. Obviously the effort was worth it – On Kevin’s Facebook page There are many pictures of happy trips together.

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