#TotA Day 1: Bressanone gives the baptism for a reboot

At 11.55 am, the European Regional Cycling event took off for the first time from South Tyrol. The first stage of 140.6 km will finish in Innsbruck, Tirol

Good morning from Alps tour. The 44th edition of the European Regional Cycling event kicks off Monday morning, April 19 in Bressanone.
This is South Tyrol’s first “wonderful start” in history in the race organized by GS Alto Garda: From Valle Isarco, the Tour of the Alps resumes the course of the pandemic emergency in 2020.
The stage will end in Innsbruck, Tirol, after 140.6 km of the race. The spooky ending can smile for explosive runners and sprinters: before the classic reach the Rennweg, the same as the 2018 Innsbruck World Championships, the athletes will have to face the Brenner GPM and on two occasions he climbs up Axams.

Meeting point: 9.50 am, Bressanone (Piazza del Duomo)
Departures: 11.55, Bressanone (via Peter Mayer)
Arevo: 3.30 pm, Innsbruck (Renwig)
TV: Vipiteno, 38.7 km
GPM: Brennero (2ª cat. Km 52,1), Axams (3a cat. Km 104,7)

Departure: Bressanone
The alleys of the historic center, the Duomo, the old bishop’s palace and the numerous art galleries, but also the unique charm of the Dolomites and Blues, the main mountain to try at any time of the year.
It’s the dual nature of Bressanone: it’s always amazing how it can combine the welcoming atmosphere of the city with the great mountain views.

On the road
For centuries, the Brenner Pass was one of the hubs of communication between Central and Southern Europe.
German kings crossed the aisle on their way to the coronation of the empire in Rome. Writers and novelists met him on their trip to Italy.
Today Brenner is a meeting place where Mediterranean influences are coupled with Tyrolean friendliness.

The gastrulation stage
From the 150 liters of milk flowing daily from local farmers to the Vipiteno Dairy, to the steep slopes where white grapes grow pouring into the fine wines of the Isarco Valley.
In the center is the plateau of Naz-Skavis apple, decorated with the scent of sweet nectar of apple trees in the most flowering months.
The first part promises to be fully tasted.

Not to be missed
Just a few steps down the street, not to be missed is the Abbey of Novacella.
Inside, you can admire the Well of Wonders, the so-called Castel Sant’Angelo, a miniature reproduction of the Roman memorial, and the unusual manuscripts of the library.
On reservation, it is also possible to visit the monastery’s winery, which has produced fine wines for over 850 years.

Access: Innsbruck
Innsbruck offers the opportunity to admire iconic buildings such as the Golden Roof or the majestic boulevard dedicated to Austria’s Maria Theresa that crosses the historic center.
But to realize that there is more, you just need to find yourself and leave yourself to its magnificent mountains.

Traffic closes
For the first stage, the authorities of the Province of Bolzano and the Autonomous Territory of Tirol have ordered the suspension of traffic, in both directions, on all roads participating in the race, at least 40 minutes before the vehicle passes. The start of the race and until the crossing of the vehicle at the end of the race

Television distribution
The first stage of the Alpine Tour will be watched live from 14.00 to 16.00, thanks to the two-hour broadcast produced by PMG Sport.

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TV: Eurosport (Europe, East Asia, USA, Canada, South America, Central America, Pacific, Indian Subcontinent), RaiSport (Italy, San Marino, Vatican City), Equipe TV (France), TV2 (Denmark).

broadcast live: Eurosport Player, GCN – Global Cycling Network, Repubblica.it, Tuttobiciweb.it, Federciclismo, K19.tv, PMG Sport (Facebook page and Youtube channel in Italy, Austria, Japan, China, New Zealand and Mexico).

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