Richard Mille and SP80, together for the world record for fast sailing

Richard Mille and SP80, together for the world record for fast sailing

Anche la North Thin Ply Technology (NTPT ™), the flagship mondiale nei Pre-impregnated materials, Contribute to the effort by providing Carbon TPT For the hull of the boat.

The team can now work on The critical stage of building the boat, Which you should link to Speed ​​150 km / h (80 knots) Using wind as the only source of energy.

Richard Mille has always been fascinated by speed, flight, and speed Extreme technological developments. When the project was presented to Watch the brand From its longtime partner NTPT, which manufactures carbon TPT for use in Watch cases Exclusively for Richard Mill, choosing to support this incredible adventure was an obvious decision.

“Driven by the desire to achieve their goal, the SP80 team is ready to break conventions in the sailing world. This same boldness has driven our brand over the past 20 years. In this young company, we are witnessing the flurry of a passionate and talented group.”Tim Mallacard says, Marketing Director Richard Mille.

SP80, who is the team trying to score

SP80 was Founded in 2018 by Xavier Lepercq, Benoît Gaudiot and Mayeul van den BroekThree engineers are passionate about kitesurfing, windsurfing, and ocean crossing. Today, their company is almost formed 40 EPFL engineers and students (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne). To break the world speed record of 65 knots (121 km / h) set in 2012, the SP80 team decided to find a completely innovative solution.

Hence he develops one Sailboat with different design From others; It is 7 meters long and 6 meters wide with a hull made entirely of carbon TPT and is towed by the sail of a sailboat with a wingspan of more than 20 meters. With a concept midway between a boat, an airplane, and a Formula 1 car, the design studio developed supplements with one Special “super ventilated” profile Which raises the structure from the water surface to ensure stability at high speed. This technology also avoids the cavitation phenomenon that negatively affects the performance.

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The team also has it Patented For the energy management system, which transfers all the wind power from the kite to the boat foil while maintaining stability at high speed. Such a concept would definitely go down in history. “This partnership is a meeting between two Swiss companies committed to the pursuit of maximum performance, exceptional institutions and innovation,” explains Mayeul van den Broek. One of the founders of SP80. “Our manufacturing processes are also similar in using TPT carbon, which is found in both the watches and our boat. Richard Mille’s participation in the SP80 adventure is a source of great pride and incredible motivation for our young team. This means that we can further develop and start building our body, so that he can do With his first outings at sea in 2022. “

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