Top of page 14. Lahm, Kerr-Barlow, Kroos… Our pick of the best players on Day 4

Ben Lamm, Tuira Ker-Barlow and François Kroos are part of Acto Rugby’s selection of Day 4’s Top 14 players. (© Icon Sport)

Tawera Ker-Barlow (La Rochelle)

Triple in 40 minutes : Here is the performance of the XXL from Tawera Care Barlow. La Rochelle’s half-scrum was particularly mischievous, serving as a true No. 9, scoring three attempts behind a super tyrannical pack.

In good shape, and as perfect in offensive animation as in his personal initiatives (4 defenders defeated), All Black (27 caps) guided his team so well, keeping Biarrots’ work cut short elsewhere (59-17).

Francois Croce (Toulouse)

So yes, Toulouse has in its ranks incredible X factors with Dupont, Ntamack, Ahki or Lebel. But we must realize the brutal work of shadow players, like pavement but very important Francois Croce.

Against a team from Clermont who set a crazy rhythm at Ernest-Wallon, the third international streak showed your amazing slaughter, scratching several balls on the floor, but also by cutting at all costs, signing in the sector 27/28 Huge. He also contributed greatly to the defeat of Clermont touch, who lost 8 ammo in 20 throws. enormous!

Ben Lam (Bordeaux Bigles)

After the first completely careless act of Bordelais, Ben Lam It is he who launched the revolution of his people on Brive. If Federico Mori scored a good try on his wing, it was the New Zealand winger who bombarded the opponent’s defense, and he was great when he fired.

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Angry similar, where at the end of the streak he had to finish the good work done by his teammates, Ben Lamm performed poorly in his races (126 meters got the ball in his hand), crossing 4 times and hitting 7 defenders. He was deprived of the trilogy due to the fault of one of his partners. He is the top scorer in the top 14.

Gael Fico (Racing 92)

He arrived last April and was appointed captain at the start of the season, Gail Fico very fast Race 92 It connects successful services. Against Lyon, the international (63 picks) scored his first attempt in the 2021-2022 fiscal year and shot all-woods within an exceptional 3/4 Ile-de-France streak in the first period.

Valuable in attack, he was also in defense in the second half when his side went down. Sure, he had a waste (13/17), but it worked for two, his friend Virimi Vakatawa was in bad shape (2/5). To be wrong, the Racing 92 striker’s boss is (really)!

Tolo Lato (French Stadium)

If the first line of French stadium He lost his right column Paul Allo-Emile (third) with a red card, Tolo Latu He wore a long uniform in a Parisian package that never trembled, but was much more in number.

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The Australian bitch doubled as the Parisian striker who made the biggest bid in the current match (8 races), winning almost all of his duels. Solid in conquest, he was very powerful in practice of closed scrum.

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