‘Fighting rugby’, ‘Blemish scene’: South Africa under fire for its game

Boks’ No. 9 player, Faf de Klerk, used excessive play against the All Blacks… (© Icon Sport)

First, note: all black Rarely has it been moved so much in recent months as in this match againstSouth Africa Saturday 25 September 2021, for 5NS day Football championship. The New Zealanders suffered a martyrdom against the South African world champions, unrecognizable, due to a nameless fever (23 balls lost), by following a simplistic but demonically effective strategy of Jack Nenber’s men. If they could win (19-17), the All Blacks were very, very hot.

After two defeats against Australia, South Africa decided to set a trap for its opponent today Break the rhythm as much as possibleUsing brute force to silence the opponent and abuse the kick again and again. number 9 fave de clerk She even pushed it to the point of the caricature by swinging a candle at the entrance to the 22m All Blacks when the game was open to a large streak off the coast. A supposed option that worked for a long time. But that didn’t win in Townsville.

It was against rugby.

Not necessarily known to be the most “attractive” team, having been world champion thanks to a somewhat closed but effective match, South Africa this time pushed the benchmark to the extreme. A lot of criticism was raised against him. “He wasanti rugby‘Can we read in New Zealand Herald. This was the match bleak scene. […] The Boks did nothing in the attack,” they lost to the New Zealand Daily.

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However, it was realized that the All Blacks had a bad game, winger George Bridge, mistaking the Spo Nkosi test after… a candle from de Klerk, having lived a “nightmare”. Even worse, the packaging is marked, “often bypassed”, and regrets New Zealand Herald.

South Africa did for Malcolm Marks and Stephen Kitchoff the New Zealand package very poorly.
South Africa did for Malcolm Marks and Stephen Kitchoff the New Zealand package very poorly. (© Icon Sport)

“For heaven’s sake, move the ball…”

In South Africa, if we highlight the huge hearts of Kolesi, Smith and van Steden of others, we also criticize this simplistic philosophy. the star He talks about “boredom”, but also about “robots” to detailed De Klerk-Pollard’s description that never changed tactics. The local paper also reported that the former third streak, Schalke Burger, was known for his superior physical game and became a consultant to Super Sportexploded from frustration In the series building after another match at the foot of Andre Pollard. That by saying…

“Okay, you can use your foot to occupy or regain control after a candle, but then, for heaven’s sake, move the ball when the situation calls for it,” until you get to the point of writing a journalist from the star. The South African media is lamenting that after a massive effort within an hour to beat the All Blacks, the Boks finally didn’t know how to play to push the point home and win the victory that extended their arms.

“But you hate rugby so much?”

In France, the results are similar. “The only problem was that South Africa didn’t know what to do with the ball once in 30 meters of the All Blacks, unable to get out of play with a pass followed by a kick,” we can read in Olympic Noon.

employment TwitterWhile many fans have been eagerly waiting for this hundredNS The confrontation between the two countries, the disappointment was enormous in the face of the lack of the South African game:

This Saturday, October 2, 2021, all black And boxing He will meet in Robina on the last day of the rugby tournament, a competition the New Zealanders have already won. If there is no interest, the South Africans may choose another tactic. anyway…

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