Top of page 14. Claremont: reinforcement is already at a standstill, but there are many good news from the dispensary

Second streak Sebastien Vahamhaina could play again with Clermont this weekend against Lyon. (© Icon Sports)

from where we start ? Let’s save the good news for the end. If his best performance of the season falls against La Rochelle at Stade Marcel Michelin (22-13) last Sunday, at the end of 4e day Top 14And the Claremont Leave some feathers in the fight and wounded You must regret.

Center Julian HeritoReleased in the first half and replaced by Anthony Bello, he injured his hamstring and tests showed muscle damage. He will miss Lyon’s reception on Saturday 1Verse October (5pm), his absence is estimated to be several weeks. Having made way for Judicaël Cancoriet half an hour before play, No. 8 Fritz Lee Complains of a rib. If there are no “concerns there should be” as the ASM points out, NZ remains uncertain about LOU’s arrival.

Davit Kupriashvili is already out without playing

Another slab for Claremont: Right column hit Davit Kopriashvili. The medical clown of Rabah Soleimani arrived, 4 months after his biceps injury, the Georgian refers to the dispensary without playing a minute this season with his new club, which he commits to until the end of the season.

During the warm-up against La Rochelle, Davit Kupriashvili, 35, knee injury. This ended in a cantilever position, and examinations revealed a medial collateral ligament sprain. Care is necessary to promote ligament healing, and the club also announces absences for several weeks. His injury had “forced” Christian Oguvan to play the entire match against the Charente.

Others injured include Etienne Fourcade, Miles Amatosero, Alexander Fischer (Ichius), Besili Yato (knee) or Abisai Nakalivo (arm). ASM has clearly not spared, and this makes his start to the season even more positive, pointing to 4e A place after you have already experienced Montpellier, La Rochelle and Toulon.

Vahamahina back against Leon?

Clermont will develop just in time at certain locations, and will receive reinforcements from Saturday’s match against Lyon. Income from rugby wing tournament Bautista Delje And the second line Thomas Lavagnani Available and ready for the match.

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Manager Juno Gibbs can also see several players leave the dispensary and play again against LOU. Among them, we find the former international Sebastian Vahamhaina (46 selections). After touching the ribs against Pau, he missed the confrontations against Toulon and La Rochelle, his strength, but also his butchering, could do a lot of good for the Auvergne pack, generous as required in combat but who laments a slight lack of intensity. Three-quarters of Elder Tibergen and Samuel Ezela, as well as third-line Jacobus van Tonder, are very close to making a comeback.

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