Capuozzo, angel leap

Thomas Seneke, Media 365: Posted on Wednesday, September 28, 2022 at 2:45 pm.

Antoine Dupont is the first to praise the merits of Ange Capuzzo, his new winger partner in the Stade Toulouse shirt. The Italian brings a breath of fresh air to the ranks of Ugo Mola’s men.

Ange Capuzzo was twenty-three years old, but he looked like a frail teenager, it was almost frightening to see him in a Toulouse shirt, to those who didn’t know him yet. But, of course, it is no coincidence that the pitch fell behind the former Grenoble player. And no one is now asking questions about him, after his record-breaking game over the weekend against Racing (37-10) marked his first attempt of the season after the capital intercepted a frantic 80-meter sprint. Antoine Dupont, already knowing Laskar and describing his new teammate: “In Pro D2, we already saw what he was capable of, so I had little doubt that he was fast in the top 14. After three or four days, we could see it. Already and it will grow during the season. I trust him.”

The Italy international (despite being a French national) likes to have “maximum chance of being hard for others to read, it’s a little extra freedom which is nice”. What could be better, in fact, than setting up Toulouse Stadium to bring out its fullest potential? “When there’s space, you’re not alone, and others can make a difference too. It’s so much fun, you have to keep going because you get to savor it.” Thomas Ramos salutes his strong point, “necessarily speed and support”: “It’s very good that he can express them, he plays a good game defensively too.” We’ve seen him since his first term He coped brilliantly with Frances Sayle at the entrance to his 22-meter-high, while the New Zealand International Center could go straight in the attempt..

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