Top 14 – Toulouse: Jaminet and Aldguiri return to action

Top 14 – Toulouse: Jaminet and Aldguiri return to action

Faraj Bin Lahousin, Media365, published on Tuesday, October 31, 2023 at 6:48 pm

Returning to Toulouse after participating in the World Cup with the French XV team, Melvin Jaminet and Dorian Daghiri resumed training.

Toulousan Stadium, which was heavily affected by the Rugby World Cup due to its large number of international matches, is witnessing the return of its elements to the Pink City in quirks and awe. On Sunday, there were four of them involved in the success of Rouge et Noir in Ernest-Wallon against Bordeaux-Bègles at the end of the fourth day of the top 14 (29-22). Tonga’s Bita Aki, Australia’s Richie Arnold, Italy’s Angie Capuzzo, and Tri-colored Beto Mufaka Therefore, they were already immersed in the daily life of the French heroes. It was imitated this week by two members of the XV of France.

Rajabirama We learn this Tuesday that Melvin Jaminet and Dorian Daghiri returned to training on Tuesday. A useful return for Ugo Mola, in full preparation for the trip to the Palaoise department this Sunday at the end of the fifth round (match starts at 9pm). Especially since the Bernese team is in good form, as they returned victorious from their trip to Perpignan (24-39). A result synonymous with a third successive success and first place in the Top 14 classification, shared with Castres and Racing 92.

Owners of Sunday?

Toulouse, who are in fifth place with just one point, can bring their international players back into the action. Both are restricted to substitute roles under Thomas Ramos and Awiny Atunio, They did not benefit from a significant amount of playing time in the World Cup. So it wouldn’t be surprising to see them on the pitch at Hamo Stadium against Baloa. On the other hand, there is still no trace of other players in the XV from France. Antoine Dupont, Cyril Bale, Julien Marchand, Thibaut Flament, François Cros, Anthony Guillonche and Thomas Ramos are still on vacation.

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The same is true for Argentines Santiago Chocobaris and Juan Cruz Malia, who lost in the third-place final to England last Friday. New Zealander Nebo Lawalala, who entered the final against the Springboks, is also on leave.

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