Top 14 – J13 – Brave will be hoping to win the “Battle of the Massif” against Overnates

Top 14 – J13 – Brave will be hoping to win the “Battle of the Massif” against Overnates

Brave coach Arnaud Milla is full of expressions in this derby. “It’s a bit like the battle of this massif, in this corner. It’s the match of blacks and whitesHe underlines the one who suffered from it, clashes against Overnaz. For Esteban Abadi, this will be the fifth derby. “The derby idea is still there. This week we received messages of support. When you walk in the street, there is real enthusiasm for this meeting.”

Certainly, the stadium will not be sold this year. But we will pass 10,000 people in the stadium. “Despite the difficult period, we know that they will be behind us.” which is set as a Friday evening release, explains Esteban Abadie. Don’t disappoint them. For this, Brave has to reverse his way of playing. “We shouldn’t play reaction, especially not on Friday.” Loose Pietro Ceccarelli. The first 10 minutes, they shouldn’t see the ball.

In this match, Brave will be able to count on his New Zealand third lineman Abraham Babali, whose suspension at Conarket has been overturned. On the other hand, he will have to dispense with his second-string Fijian Tevita Ratufa, who is suspended after receiving his yellow card last Friday, for four weeks. However, CAB is lining up a great team for this derby, with detailed and experienced international Lobzhanidze-Sanchez, but also returning Septist Aaron Grandidier.

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