Edinburgh is too strong for Custer

Edinburgh is too strong for Custer

In their second match in the European Cup, Caster Olympic lost on the turf of Edinburgh (31-20) on Saturday afternoon.

Castres Olympique is already jeopardizing its future in competition. After a first setback at home to Exeter (12-27) a week ago, Custers recorded a second successive defeat that left them almost no hope of a place in the race to qualify.

This new handicap, even with the revamped squad, also confirms Tarni’s repeated difficulties in being on the international stage. Picked cold by Scotland’s first try from Viliame Mata (7-0, 9), yet CO knew how to react by crossing the line twice in less than five minutes, first by Pierre Colonna (7-5, 15) and then Julien Blanc (7-10, 30).

At the break, Tarney was nonetheless trailing by one point (14-13) after a penalty attempt (36) coupled with a yellow card aimed at prop Quentin Walker. Then Edinburgh broke away on the return from the locker room thanks to an opener played by Charlie Savala (21-13, 48), then after a silenced attempt and a miss from Martin Laveaux, Ben Villacott took advantage of it to present his attacking reward (28-13, 65).

Courageous, but very undisciplined, CO narrowed the gap to a try from Adrien Séguret (67), which New Zealander Benjamin Botica converted, but could get no bonus, defensive or offensive. The Scots closed the gap with a penalty kick, which was executed by Argentine Emiliano Poveli (76). Next meeting in Tarnais: This same team’s reception at Edinburgh’s Pierre-Fabre, on January 15th. Indeed for honor.

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