Top 14 – Christophe Orius arrived on top of ASM in the face of Mt

Top 14 – Christophe Orius arrived on top of ASM in the face of Mt

from where we start ? Christophe Orius did not retrieve a poisoned gift. In fact, he already knows what to expect and the mountain he’s about to climb with his new club, ASM. Since the start of the season, former coach Jono Gibbs and his players were sucked into a negative spiral that led to poor results, and inevitably by the end of the story between the New Zealander and the Auvergne club.

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A disappointing first five months, punctuated by numerous injuries, after the departure of the executives (Parra, López), others announced (Iturria, Benaud). If we add the case of Alexandre Labandre, who was going to file a criminal complaint against the Auvergne club, all this has created a broken machine. The result: Clermontois finished 10th in the French championship (8 defeats in 15 matches) and they were just eliminated from the Champions Cup. In order to move forward, Urios will have to take the bull by the horns.

Champions Cup

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His “anger” spread

If the leaders of Clermont go looking for Christophe Aureus, it’s no small feat. A guy with character at a club I’ve just missed in recent weeks. “My day job is to succeed in making ASM a winning team again,” he said during his first press conference. “I’m angry, I’m ready.” And Oreos arrived with ambitions, to join the top six to contest the final stages at the end of the season. “There are 55 possible points, you have to take 40. If you’re good at math, you’ll see you’ll have to progress quickly,” said the 57-year-old.

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Obviously, this will pass through the desire to transcend oneself. “Be a fierce team again, which I haven’t seen much in recent games.” The captain of the Auvergne participated in the observation. “We have to bring the club back in our minds, giving ourselves to this shirt. We necessarily have game plans, technical aspects, but we have to find the desire to sweat each other,” Arthur Etruria explained at Rugpirama. Specifically, the desire has been indicated since the beginning of the 2022-2023 law. Watch the defeat at Stade Marcel Michelin against Toulouse (12-32) on January 1st. Toulouse’s first victory in Auvergne for 20 years in the league.

State of mind above all to launch dynamism. “I think I expect frankness in everyday life, that we are able to say things to each other, which we lack lately,” the ASM captain continued. The aura of Christophe Aureus in this aspect should make it possible to renew direct dialogue with all players and their mobilization, but with the risks of friction that permeated the past weeks at UBB.

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But on the field, the new coach chose to take some items with him to restore the identity. “The fast game, made of dynamics, the game on the performances and the stages also at the foot,” offers the subject. While it’s true that the front 5 struggles almost every weekend in combat, the back line lacks consistency. And this is despite the arrival of Jules Pleason and Anthony Bellew last summer. Two slots to choose on paper, but they lack consistency.

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Landmark search

As a symbol, Clermont’s offensive animation often lacks subtlety and creativity this early part of the season. Lack of standards that cost Clermontois. Christophe Aureus intends to be square, pragmatic and uniform, like what he tried and succeeded to produce during his time at Bordeaux. “It’s clear and precise. Now it’s up to us to take matters into our own hands and move forward,” confirmed Arthur Iturria, of the first training session with the new coach.

Iturria to jump in September 2022.

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But to create chemistry and move forward together in the same direction, it is best to be able to count on the leaders in this field. “There’s Arthur Etruria, Judiciel Canquerette, Fritz Lee who are there…they’re important players. Then, I’ll form my opinion and my point of view through coaching. And that will be done over time. And in particular by doing face-to-face interviews. There, I need to feel with men.” Especially since the Auvergnats compose with many young people (Killian Tixeront, Samuel Ezeala, Baptiste Jauneau…). “We need our youth, they shouldn’t wait for their fifth or sixth meeting to show themselves. Now, we don’t become leaders overnight. I think it will show in them with time,” Iturria released in this regard.

Furthermore, Capy Iturria, at the club since 2015, will join Bayonne this summer. Departure is also planned for the manager, Damien Benaud at Bordeaux and possibly Cancourt. Under contract until 2025 with his new club, Christophe Aureus will also have a crucial role to play in recruiting and training a new team next season. But above all, the urgency and the enormous challenge that begins on Saturday in Lyon.

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