Toothbrush that promises a complete cleaning of the brush in 10 seconds

Y-Brush obviously owes its name to its atypical shape making it look like the penultimate letter of the alphabet. The toothbrush consists of a motorized handle and a Y brush to fit the jaw well. By brushing all teeth at once, the Y-Brush reduces cleaning time from 3 minutes to 10 seconds.

This brush is of course replaceable and it is recommended to change it every 6 months (as opposed to 3 months for a classic toothbrush). To adapt to the size of your jaw or the size of your children, two brush sizes are available: one for children 4 to 12 years old and the other for teens and adults.

With its 45-degree gutter with 35,000 nylon bristles, the Y-Brush wants to replicate the Bass method, which mainly targets the area between the gums. An area of ​​our mouth can become a breeding ground for bacteria if we are not careful.

Due to its shape, the Y-Brush also comes with a toothpaste applicator to help users apply the paste more easily. For brushing, the motor emits vibrations, so all you have to do is place your teeth on the brush and chew for 5 to 15 seconds until you get clean teeth. No counting, the brush takes care of it and will adapt the duration according to the vibration mode selected out of the three available:

  • Soft mode will do 15 seconds cleaning
  • The normal mode will perform a cleaning for 10 seconds
  • The Intensive Mode will perform a 5-second brushing

The battery is recharged with a USB cable; However, you don’t need to worry about that much, as the Y-Brush promises up to 3 months of battery life.

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